Liberty’s takeover of Formula 1 has been massive news this year and they’re all about changing things for the better. When I first saw a glimpse of some the new logo ideas, I just assumed it was a joke because how and why would you want to change the brilliant, iconic, very clever logo we’ve had since the 90s. Do Ferrari change their logo, no of course not – it’s a critical part of the brand, why would F1 change theirs?

Come the final round of the season and boom – out with the old, in with the new, logo. It’s a bold, risky move for the new owners and I still don’t like the new logo. That said, I don’t hate it anymore and that’s an improvement because with my passion for design, my initial reaction was laughter, followed by horror.

Liberty’s reaction to the general outcry from fans (and drivers) has been interesting and Sean Bratches made a good point – it was positive that the reaction was so strong. He may be right in that it shows how many people love F1, but I’m still not convinced – it’s not a massively strong brand, it’s not exciting, it’s too red, it’s generally a bit ‘meh’, not clever or exciting in anyway whatsoever.

Many other fans simply stated that it is just a logo and that they don’t care because it’s a motorsport series, the logo isn’t important. That’s a fair and valid point. But why bother changing it then – the existing brilliant design could have been tweaked or updated, rather than destroyed.

Anyway, it’s not just all about my point of view so I asked around our virtual office here at Badger GP and found some compelling arguments for the logo change, see if you agree and share your thoughts with us on Twitter too.

Our resident graphics chap and cartoonist, Rob (aka @rumblestrips on Twitter) came in with shocking statement of “I LOVE THE NEW LOGO”, here are his thoughts: 

I was skeptical at first having seen the three possible options and not being entirely sold on any of them, but skepticism turned to relief when the reveal came around and it was the one I had identified as the least terrible option. Then they played that reveal sequence, and I was instantly sold on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the old logo, but the more I’ve seen the two side by side, the more it looks incredibly dated. F1 has come a LONG way in the 24 years since the previous logo was introduced. Screaming V10s and basic aero have given way to super high-tech V6 turbos, ridiculous amounts of electrical wizardry and some of the sleekest looking cars imaginable. The new logo needs to reflect that and I think it does the job perfectly.

It’s a move I feel Liberty NEEDED to take. In the year since they took over the sport, they’ve been working incredibly hard to distance themselves from the previous regime’s focus of making profit over looking after the health of the sport. Bringin a new identity to F1 shows that they want to move on. It is symbolic of a new era for the greatest motorsport in the world.

tearing up the sports identity of the last 24 years shows a refreshing willingness to enact the change we’ve all been begging for.

I’ve seen a general consensus amongst fans and pundits alike that bringing in a new logo is not focusing on the important issues: if it ain’t broke etc. I think it’s important to remember that the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact for me, tearing up the sports identity of the last 24 years shows a refreshing willingness to enact the change we’ve all been begging for.

I get Rob’s point of view and subscribe to the positive sign that Liberty aren’t just going to sit back and count their money – they aren’t scared of making changes and if they do positive stuff elsewhere, the logo could be synonymous with a better F1. Here’s hoping.

One of Badger’s newest bloggers, Nicky also likes the new logo

I like the concept behind it too. It’ll take some getting used to, but I’m sure a year or so from now it’ll be instantly recognisable as the F1 logo.

Someone was saying to me the other day that they think the old logo will look quite dated this time next year, and I tend to agree. I hope they keep the logo white on the TV graphics, it may look a bit garish if it’s red.

Dan Thompson also likes the new logo, again with it being the end of the Bernie era and the dawn of a new era. Again, if the racing is good then the issues with the logo will be a distant memory – that’s Dan’s take and another of Badger’s writers, Fern has a similar take too. She also made this very valid point.

Re-branding is never an easy task and the launch of the new F1 logo certainly hasn’t gone down well with the majority of fans. I’m not 100% sold on the design of it, but I think the timing is perfect.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one having a downer on the new logo, resident bobblehat, Sarah Merritt also expressed some concern:

After seeing the new one, I felt it wasn’t easily recognisable as saying F1 -looked like “rI”! It wasn’t clear on the podium caps and looked far too bland. I know we will all get used to it, I just don’t think it was necessary.

And finally our casual Badger, Charlie raised some points:

I’ve got absolutely no issue with the new logo. It _is_ really simplistic, and the fact that a lot of money was probably spent on it is ridiculous, but I think it looks decent.

I’ve got absolutely no issue with the new logo. It _is_ really simplistic, and the fact that a lot of money was probably spent on it is ridiculous, but I think it looks decent.

I get why Liberty wanted to change it. Zak Brown turned McLaren orange and changed the chassis designation from MP4-XX to MCLXX because it marked his takeover from the Ron era. And so, the power trio of Brawn, the Monopoly man, and Sean Buzzword have played the same card with regards to the F1 logo, which is a relic of the Bernie Ecclestone era, of course.

And so there we have it – I’m out numbered and many of the rest of the Badger GP Team have some great arguments for the logo – what do you think – let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or on Twitter @BadgerGP.

So long lovely, clever, iconic logo…

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