One of Badger’s favourite clothing brands, Henri Lloyd has proudly announced it’s 2011 range of Mercedes GP merchandise. It’s even better looking that last year’s range.

Our favourite items are the
Jackets (they are really nice, even if you’re not an F1 fan!)
Polo Shirts (they’ve gained some stripes this year and rightly so!)
Caps (these look fab this year, with the additional Petronas colours)

And there’s plenty more available from the Mercedes GP store now – have a look here:Mercedes GP Store

Kudos to Henri Lloyd for producing such high quality gear – Schumacher and Rosberg (and Mercedes) fans shouldn’t think twice about getting kitted up for the new year, especially consider the testing pace of the new car, once they’d overcome some issues – maybe Schumacher’s come back won’t be such a silly idea after all too…