You may have missed it, but at the end of last month, Sky moved into the soon-to-be highly competitive market of the television to take on the likes of Apple and Google for control of your TV.  Many more technical folk will have had little boxes of tricks or even a Raspberry Pi under their telly for a while now, but besides the Apple TV, the technology hasn’t gone mass-market… yet.

Sky’s other service, NOW TV which allows you to stream Sky’s pay-per-view content online for a fee is looking to get the jump on Google’s box (out later this year) by launching the NOW TV box at a bargain-tastic £10.

Yep, a tenner.  Seems cheap doesn’t it and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are making a loss with the device either.  That said, the business model has always been about getting new customers and subscribers so I guess this neat little box that’s at pocket money pricing should entice a few more folk to give it a go.

You can read all about the gadget on the NOW TV website here, but to put it simply – it makes your bog-standard telly a smart TV, enabling BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Spotify, Sky News and more to appear.  Just involves connecting the box via an HDMI cable to the telly and then connecting it to your WiFi network and bingo.

….and then there’s the interesting bit – you can watch the Sky Sports F1 channel too, albeit for an extra £9.99 for 24hrs.  Now that’s not a bargain at all, in fact it’s rather a lot if all you want to do is watch the GP.  Yes you could get some friends over and split the cost, but in all seriousness it doesn’t strike me as a cheap alternative to getting a proper Sky box.

Maybe you’ll disagree, but what I will say is that it is a great little box and a brilliant way to make that other telly in your house a smart telly and the Spotify streaming could be worth it alone if you’re a fan of the service.

NOW TV Box and Remote 01 now_tv_box_interface_hi_res