With less than a couple of weeks to complete your Christmas shopping, chances are that you’re looking for a gift for an F1 fan friend or family member.  If you ignore the obvious merchandise options, it’s tricky to find an unusual, exciting gift.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 17.04.02Until now.  Adam Parr has succumbed to the demand and has a limited edition run of his “Art of War” graphic novel available, just in time for Christmas.  If you haven’t seen the novel already, let me assure you, it is excellent and gives a great insight into the world of F1 that’s usually behind closed doors.  Essentially, this is a must read for every Formula 1 fan.  I cannot recommend it enough.

In case you didn’t realise – Adam Parr was the CEO and Chairman of Williams F1 team for 5 years. Price is £15 per copy including P&P for UK orders, international orders will have an additional delivery charge.

You can order the limited edition paperback from Adam Parr himself, via the form below:

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Upon receipt your order, an invoice will be issued from Adam Parr’s office.  Should you need to track your order, please contact orders[at]adamparr.net.  The orders are handle via Adam Parr’s office, Badger GP is merely advertising the books availability, because we like it so much.


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A snippet from the book.
A snippet from the book.