Ever fancied a job in Formula 1?  We reckon many of you have, at least at some point, so when Marussia’s recruitment provider, Monster Jobs invited us along to the team’s factory for a poke about we gladly jumped at the chance.  Of course, while we were there we heard all about Monster’s work with the team, so here’s what we discovered…

We all know too well that the world of Formula One is fast-paced, exciting and on the leading-edge of innovative technology and engineering. But beyond the glitz and glamour you have to recognise that there are 12 teams that confront business challenges as fierce as the competition they face on the race track, after the podium champagne that is…

Late in 2011, the Marussia F1 Team needed to embark on a massive recruitment drive for 40 roles based out at their new headquarters in Banbury, Oxfordshire, across all of the divisions, impacting both the commercial and technical success of the team – imagine being the head honcho in such a position, you can’t mess about!

In February 2012 the team signed Monster Jobs as it’s ‘official career services provider’ to take these recruitment challenges head-on, setting up this website, complete with online applications and video blogs of successful applicant’s first days.  Snazzy.

With a team the size of Marussia they are always looking to develop and grow and their HR team benefited from having access to such a global reach that Monster possesses, as the team’s HR lead Katie Allen explains.

“The Marussia F1 Team is a small company with an HR team comprised of two people, so while we want to improve our reach for talent, we also need to make certain that we’re able to quickly identify and focus on top candidates to preserve bandwith for day-to-day operations.”

“With Monster’s customised technology solutions, we are able to improve efficiency at every stage of the recruitment process, which saves a great deal of administrative time and allows us to better focus on our core objective: securing and retaining the best talent.”

The way in which Marussia have gone about promoting positions in their team is pretty unique as well. The YouTube channel for the website, contains some candid, funny and sincere blogs from both long-serving employees, and ones on their first day with the team.

Katie Allen adds, “The branding work we’ve done with Monster has definitely caused buzz in the industry. And, in addition to hearing positive feedback from the candidates we meet, we have also seen excitement amongst our current team members, which has been an unexpected benefit.”

Even Timo Glock, the team’s lead driver and coming to the end of his third season with Marussia, has gotten in on the video blog act;

With Monster fuelling their capability to grow and grow, the right person for the right job is getting easier and easier to find for Marussia F1.

Who knows, it could be you?