Credit: Mercedes AMG F1 Media
Credit: Mercedes AMG F1 Media

After some troubles during the test in Jerez, Mercedes were straight back on form in Barcelona with Nico Rosberg topping the timesheet on day 1 in Barcelona.  I caught up with him after the first day for chat to see how he was doing…

With these press calls, you can learn a lot about how the driver is really doing from their body langauge and in Nico’s case, he had a swagger as he approached the media pen and was smiling plenty.  I asked him to sum up his first day here in just one word, to which he replied “Everything” and that “it’s positive being first, being quickest, which is nice but then not enough running with the gearbox issues”

When quizzed about the new Pirelli tyres, he said that “Tyre degradtion was bad, it’s massive but maybe helped with the low temperatures here – I hope so because otherwise there will be a lot of pit stops in Melbourne!   It is all relative though and everyone is in the same position, the degration gives fantastic racing for the fans so that’s good.   There’s over half a second between the medium and the hard.”

And on his new car “It’s a much better base, you can feel the centre of gravity is lower, aero is better, feels stronger and it’s a pleasure to drive.  A lot faster than last year.”

Last time I was on this track, the car was a whole second slower, so this feels great, I’m comfortable and able to push.

So there you have it, Nico’s definitely happy with the progress so far.  We’ll be chatting with Lewis on day 2 to see how he’s finding his new car.