There aren’t too many F1 stories that float about the web that make us go “what?”. Usually it’s press releases and sponsor commitments – safe, uninteresting, standard fare.

But, one has just caught our eye. We know it’s a bit old – in fact, it’s two years old now – but The Magic Circle, the world famous home of British magic, released a statement in 2011 about new members. And smack bang in the middle of it all was Nigel Mansell, OBE.

“I am absolutely delighted and very proud and honoured to have been accepted into The Magic Circle”, stated Our Nige. “Magic has been a great asset for my charity work and has changed my personal life too.”

Now, this information has completely blown our minds. What sort of tricks does Mansell do? We’re picturing illusions on a large scale that involve snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, and the audience mobbing him afterwards. That’ll only happen on British soil, obviously.

Reports say that Mansell stated practising card tricks after Le Mans 2010, when his race was curtailed by a concussion inducing crash that finished his, and his team’s, race. It’s added another string to his bow at corporate events, apparently.

Whatever next?