Everyone remembers that bright early morning in March 2007, when the Australian Grand Prix announced the arrival of a one Lewis Hamilton. Fresh from winning GP2, he quickly established himself as a driver to watch with a a catalogue of blistering drives and a World Championship in 2008.

That’s the Lewis Hamilton we love, but after a tough year, and a glum Korean weekend, we’re asking;

“Will we ever see the “old” Lewis Hamilton again?”

From happy go lucky….
…to down in the dumps – Photo Credit: Sutton

We have a selection of fan entries to debate the topic this week, and first guest Scrutineer is…Steve Poutney, from Thetford in Norfolk!

I must confess I’m a Lewis fan, but despite his team giving him their support and a competitive car in Korea, he still lost the keys to his toy box following his Pole position lap. For sure, Lewis has issues, we all have issues, but none of us want to be seen self-flagellating on live television in front of millions.

Lewis, if you have problems off the track, keep them off the track, else after another display like that, Uncle Martin will tie your toy box keys and your dummy together with a length of string (actually, probably kevlar cord) and thread them through the sleeves of your racing overalls.

Lewis has shown flashes of brilliance this season, think of how he whupped Vettel in China, but whatever issues he has, he has been about as consistent as the National Rail Service. Vettel has been as precise and fast as the Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train. Lewis has been more like the Norwich to London service, cranky and having no idea of a timetable (Jake Humphrey, I bet you don’t use this service!).

Only Lewis can answer the question of ‘Will we ever see the “Old” Lewis again?’. If he can put all his problems behind him, then he should come back a faster, stronger, more mature racer.

We all want to see the exciting “Old” Lewis back, but it isn’t up to us. Only Lewis himself can bring the “Old” Lewis back from the dark place he is currently in.

A nice train metaphor from Steve there! But, do you agree?

We put the question out on Twitter too, and here’s some responses;

@fakewhitmarsh It not just Lewis who’s changed, racing has changed, thanks to Pirelli…

@gregcityrocker really worried that lewis is becoming the new montoya. Shame cause lewis is better than that (but so was montoya).

@ian911tiger lewis is just growing up to realise money, success, gorgeous g/f and fame etc come at a price! He’ll get over it

Up next is…Davin Sturdivant, from somewhere, judging by his time difference, on the other side of the world!


I can’t believe how many people think that they have psychology degrees when analyzing Lewis Hamilton’s current form. Lewis has a poor season, and pundits act like he’s two steps away from throwing himself in front of a moving car.

The reason why Lewis Hamilton is that he’s not winning. The man’s a racer. That’s been his LIFE, since he was 5 years old. His existence is based on it.

His form against Sebastian Vettel? – A loss, because his car wasn’t fast enough when it mattered early on. Either that or his team made poor strategy calls. Sebastian is taking in what Lewis feels like should be his limelight. Jenson had it in 2009. Sebastian had it in 2010, and now has it again in 2011.

His form against Jenson Button– A loss, because Jenson has the value of experiencing what it’s like to be cast-aside. His cool head makes him easier to not get worked up over a poor race weekend, because deep down Jenson knows he has a good car/team under him.

His form against the media– A loss, because of his frustration with his current form. He can’t seem to say the right thing, at the right time. Maybe that’s down to a lack of management.

When Lewis starts to win again, we’ll see the old Lewis.

Broken down into bitesize chunks, Darvin has rationalised Hamilton’s troubles – good work!

Our third and final Scrutineer for this week is…(drumroll)…JC Hennessy, from Lancashire!

Will we see Lewis Hamilton get 8 podiums, with 2 wins again? Yes. Will we see Lewis Hamilton, as the hard charging, from the heart, fans living the dream through his driving etc.? Yes. Will we see Lewis Hamilton win another World Championship? Yes.

I accept that with Hamilton. We all, I feel, want to see the ‘old’ Hamilton. Spectacularly charging through to win, it appeals to us fans, doesn’t it? Though will it happen! The success, of good results will come, as will the hard charging, with more championships, all at the same time?

We have to accept that this might not all happen all at once. 2012 and 2013 will be interesting but I think we will see the “old” Hamilton. Before too much of Button may rub off on him and THAT Hamilton will win, for sure! I also think there’s life in the “old” style too.

All valid points from everyone who contributed this week, but what do you think? Are outside pressure beginning to take their toll on the former World Champion, or is it just a reaction to criticism from the press? Let us know below!

Don’t worry if yours didn’t make it – there’ll be another chance next week to be a guest Scrutineer!