After the success of last week’s fan driven Scrutineering Bay, once again we’ve asked YOU, the fans of Badger GP, for your opinion on another topic of debate. This week, F1 superfans Tiff, Gavin and Ellen have their say, and it’s all about everyone’s favourite bearded little German as they answer…

“What next for Nick Heidfeld?”

Our first participant is Gavin Brown, location unknown, who thinks a new career path is in store…

What to do for a man seemingly unable to continue in the sport he loves?

It’s quite simple really – with that fine crop of facial fuzz, he should enter the World Beard and Moustache Championships. The Germans always seem to do well too 😉

I would very much like to see Herr Heidfeld enter into the category of “Full Beard – Freestyle” as I think he has quite a lot of potential. Perhaps he could enter with a moustache shaped like an F1 car and a beard shaped like the Nurburgring Nordschleife? – Gavin Brown, available to be followed on Twitter as @RubberGoat.

Up next to have their say is Tiff Fletcher, who takes a completely different view on things that, somehow, works!

So Badger GP, what’s next for Nick Heidfeld?

Well Heidfeld can now get back to the business of being my dad. My dad you ask? Well, let me explain. Several weeks ago, me and my friend had a discussion of if we could pick our Formula One family, who would we have. The fact I picked Heidfeld has my dad seemed comedic at the time, but it explains everything.

The reason why Heidfeld tends to get shafted and overlooked by teams? He’s too nice. Great for an fake F1 dad, not great for Formula One.

I personally would love to see Heidfeld back in Formula One next year. He might not have ever won a grand prix, but Nick is always consistent. He has the record for most consistent race finishes with 41 in a row and the most finishes in a season with 18. That has to be a lure to some teams.

But sadly the only way Nick will get a drive for next year, is two-fold. One; he starts to become a bit more aggressive on the track, or two; he magically finds funding/sponsorship to get himself into a mid-field team who need an experience and the money.

Sadly for my Formula One dad, you can’t do the two-fold plan whilst being lovely and nice. Wins and points are of course everything in F1. Being a consistent finisher is great, being a consistent finisher out the points is not, so sadly I think we may have seen the last of Occasionally Quick Nick in Formula One. – Tiff Fletcher, also on Twitter @squiffany.

And the final person included this week is Ellen Parker, long time Badger fan, who looks at what other options other than F1 could be viable;

What next for Quick Nick? – or not-so-quick Nick as Boullier seems to think (or maybe not so rich Nick- as I think).

Many F1 drivers have gone on record over the years saying the first challenge is to beat their teammate. Along the way Nick has scored more points than some high profile teammates – Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and most notably Robert Kubica in their BMW-Sauber seasons together. Since his debut in 2000, Nick has only scored less than his teammate in 3 seasons; 2003, 2005 (where he was injured so missed 5 races), and the 2008 season against Kubica.

LRGP hired him to be a winner, but when the car didn’t perform he was the easy scapegoat. He didn’t fail to deliver at LRGP – he’s above Petrov in the points before Belgium, is still level now, and would possibly have been higher if it was not for DNF’s that were not his fault (fires, etc). I totally understand wanting to use Senna for the long term, but LRGP must think we’re stupid if they think we believe this is for anything but money.

Rumours link Nick with a career in DTM – I hope so. I can’t see how he’ll get an F1 drive next year; I think Nick has failed to pull in sponsorship over the years due to the abundance of drivers from Germany, which is a shame as his career clearly shows he has skill. Maybe a consultancy role? Either way it’s a disgrace the way Nick has been treated in F1, especially of late. – Ellen Parker, from Nottingham, aka @F1Ellen.

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