The joke of the car industry that is Lada with it’s models such as the Riva and the Niva is now officially in Formula 1 for 2010.  There isn’t quite a “Lada F1 Team” entry yet, but the Russian automotive brand will have it’s logos tucked neatly away on the Renault car.  Now, it was barely a month ago that Badger published an article “Renault’s Russian Roulette” all about their rookie signing, Vitaliy Petrov, who of course is Russian.  Notice anything?  You’d have to be blind not to.

Lada's previous dabble with motorsport - in Group B Rallying...
Lada's previous dabbles with motorsport include GroupB Rally

The facts are that Renault, as a company own 25% of the F1 team, the other 75% being owned by Russian money who obviously want more Russian emphasis with the team, hence Petrov being signed, albeit after his dad supplied $12million for the chance.  Whether the latest news of the Lada name to appear on cars is only a step away from a future Lada team, we’ll have to wait and see.