The mass hype about the forthcoming film, ‘RUSH’ is only just beginning and like every F1 fan in existence (we expect) we’re very much looking forward to seeing just how good Ron Howard’s effort is.

Now, we like to be selective when it comes to sharing press releases and other such malarkey, but when this email from Momento Exclusives landed in our inbox we had to share it.

The unusual and rare memorabilia specialists have a piece of Hunt’s 1976 McLaren up for sale – a pretty special piece of F1 memorabilia indeed.  If someone would like to buy it for the sett, we’d be rather pleased, but failing that – have a look and treat yourself.  More pictures available the link!

Original 1976 James Hunt McLaren Cockpit

More info from Momento:

Original 1976 James Hunt McLaren Cockpit for Sale – From the legendary 1976 season as depicted in the upcoming ‘Rush’ film

1976 was an epic year for Formula One; memorable for the title battle between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda and Lauda’s life-threatening crash. The movie RUSH; due for cinema release in September 2013 is based on the true story of these rivals in the 1976 season.

James Hunt first raced the McLaren M23 car in 1976 when he moved to McLaren from Hesketh and went on to complete a legendary battle in the car; winning the World Championship title against his closest rival Nikki Lauda.

Taken from the 1976 M23D James Hunt McLaren F1 car; the season in which James Hunt won the World Championship by one point, this was the spare cockpit for Hunt’s races. In iconic McLaren red with Marlboro and TEXACO branding, the cockpit also features James Hunt’s name and the Union Jack flag. The Rush movie is set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing and this cockpit is a stunning piece of F1 history from that time.

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