Yesterday, F1 Badger was featured in a very special announcement; it became the first media partner for the Be Part Of The Journey programme.  BPOTJ is an independently-derived opportunity to launch the careers of young drivers graduating from karting.  It’s an exceptional idea not just because it aims to deliver a fully paid scholarship for one awesome rookie talent in a single-seater series, but also because it’s concentrating on making racing affordable right when it counts.

It’s a common story that a young driver has the very real talent to excel in single-seaters but after burning through the 67th remortgage of their parent’s house, something has to give and the next step often proves to be just too far away.  Unfortunately, this is the story for the vast majority of karting stars and unless you’ve got the backing of Ron Dennis or an ‘interesting’ tasty energy drink, it’s rare that talent alone will see them through.

Be Part Of The Journey makes no bones about it, the road is long and tough, but with the right partners, (we’re definitely one), the programme can start to provide opportunities for the most talented, and not necessarily the most wealthy young racers from across the UK and Ireland.

For 2010, BPOTJ will be testing the waters with its partners as it embarks upon a dry-run in the Formula Palmer Audi championship with established Northern Irish karter Jamie Pollock.

You can download the press release here and for further information on the programme and how you can get involved, check out the BPOTJ website; it’s rather spiffy.