Paul Di Resta’s testing came to an abrupt end on Wednesday, with further exhaust issues, but he didn’t seem phased by it at all, saying  “we’re learning more and more about he car as we go on, we’re not that concerned about it, this is what testing is all about.  These two days have been productive.”

On the hot topic of the new tyres Paul said “they’re certainly wearing out pretty quick, but we should give them a break because the temperatures we’re having today are nothing like the temperatures we’ll be racing in.  Everybody is a bit in the unknown a the moment, trying to learn about the new car and the tyres is proving difficult.”

Paul couldn’t sum up his testing in one word – “It’s note over yet, you can’t describe it one word – there’s key things to get sorted before the big push next week.”

When asked if he is excited about even more pit stops during races in 2013  – “I think honestly that degradation is higher – they want more pit stops for the show and they’ll get that.  I’m looking forward to it, it makes us work harder.”

And finally on the subject of Bianchi or Sutil – “I know both of them very well, they are both great people.  Adrian’s been part of the team for a long time, Jules was part of the team last year.  It’s not effecting me in any way, shape or form I’m working with the same people and we’re developing this car to get the best out of it.

Photo: @CraigNormanF1
Photo: @CraigNormanF1

It’s up to the board members as to who partners me.  As long as they are a team player and push me. “