Here’s a chap who goes by the name of Paul Oz and he’s a ruddy brilliant artist.  And an F1 fan, so naturally here at Badger GP, we’re all ears.  In fact I met up with Paul ahead of the season for a chat to learn more about the man behind some of the greatest pieces of F1 art we’ve come across.

This isn't by Paul Oz.  He's made F1 art actually good.
This isn’t by Paul Oz. He’s made F1 art actually good.

Now, the term ‘F1 art’ sends shudders down my spine.  Yes, some folk would call Adrian Newey’s engineering achievements ‘art’ and well, that’s fair enough, but when I think of F1 art I have these horrible thoughts of badly drawn cars with the driver’s head looking a bit dodgy in black and white hovering above it.  To be honest, many may disagree, but I think stuff like the image here (right) is just awful and I’m embarrassed to even show it on this page.

Thankfully, Paul Oz has turned me and my thoughts on F1 art, because now, when I hear those two words together I think of some of the great works that he’s inked, oiled, painted or created, which are truly pieces of art and good fun too.  The classic EJ, DC and Jake piece from last year is brilliant and captures the whole dynamic between the BBC’s terrific trio.

His pieces on Senna, Webber and Hamilton are also really pleasing and enjoyable works.  Feast you eyes on the some of them below.

You can view more of Paul’s work on the Paul Oz gallery on his website, and I also strongly recommend you follow the Paul Oz Facebook Page where posts some great bits and pieces from people he meets and works he is commissioned to do.  Did you know he had an email from Bradley Wiggins to paint his portrait from the famous ‘Bradley on the throne’ moment from London 2012 – he did and it looks ace.  He also tried fitting some Goodyear F1 tyres to his Audi – classic.  If you’re a tweeter, follow @PaulOz on Twitter too.

It’s part of the course when chatting to me or another ‘Badger’ that we have to ask a few of our more ‘important’ questions – so here’s Paul’s answers to our big 5.  Yes some may be rather irreverent  but hey you will have learned something new today, so that’s good.

The Red Bull 'Skullpture' - now a resident at the Red Bull London HQ
The Red Bull ‘Skullpture’ – now a resident at the Red Bull London HQ

What’s your favourite driver / team?
Don’t have one. But I’m a patriot. Admire out and out speed. And love a bit of entertainment

What’s your favourite cheese? 

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Living life kinda backwards. I worked in IT, Automotive, e-commerce Technical sales and Branding before packing it in to paint full time!

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Strong and black.

Who do you think will be 2013 champion and who do you want to be 2013 champion?
Heart would love to see Lewis stick it to the neigh sayers. Head says Seb walking away with by mid season.

And then finally, what piece of work of you most proud of and what’s your next exciting project?
It has to be the Red Bull ‘Skullpture’ (see right). Really pleased with my Senna bare shoulders piece though. And Paul Hemberys commission I’ve just finished of a Stetsoned Lewis in Austin, I’ve kinda surprised myself to be honest.

Win a Paul Oz Print with Badger GP!

(ignore the Aussie bogan in the picture!)
(ignore the Aussie bogan in the picture!)

Yes, that’s right – for our next event – Badger’s Super Monaco GP Bash, there will be a Paul Oz art print up for grabs.  For our previous event, the Australian Grand Prix Breakfast Bash, one lucky punter went home (very happily) with a brilliant print of Mark Webber, signed by Paul Oz himself.

You can see the winner (a chap called Steve) and his print (right) – this could be you, just head over to the event page and bag yourself a ticket.  If he’s not in Monaco, Paul will be there too to present the prize.  Amazing.