Paul Oz Partners with Badger GP for 2016

Paul Oz, the explosive artist who’s mad about Formula 1 and produced many commissions for some of the sport’s biggest names has partnered with Badger GP for the 2016 season.

You’ll have no doubt heard of Paul Oz, his original paintings are just a bag full of awesome. From F1 stars to 80s heroes, film legends and so much more – his work is admired by pretty much any F1 fan we speak to. See his website and his Facebook for more info.

Paul Oz is so good in fact that he’s joining Badger GP because he likes us and what we do. What does this mean to you? It means some very good news!

The 2016 Fantasy GP Pro Champion will win a Paul Oz canvas of their choice! Yes, that’s right, your very own Paul Oz canvas – that’s one hell of a prize.

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy your chances of that though – you can also become a Champion Member, because every month we do a Champions Prize draw and for a few months of the year Paul Oz canvases will be up for grabs – first up, March!

So get your skates on, join Badger GP and be in with a chance of owning a piece of fantastic art, thanks to Paul Oz.

Paul Oz Ayrton Senna