Ahead of every grand prix weekend, Mercedes send out the “Tales from the Paddock” newsletter (sign up below) and it’s a great update from the whole of Mercedes Motorsport, reminding us that it’s not just F1 that they’re good at.

And what’s more is that it always features at least one, more random entry too. This week it’s Ping Pong, yes that’s right, F1 Ping Pong.  Enjoy the videos below which show Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas taking on their respective race engineers for a game of Ping Pong.

It’s all a good bit of fun, and keep an eye out for the rather nice wind-tunnel model of the W05 car in the background, it’s one of the very cute two thirds scale models that teams use for testing aero. We want one for the badger office, much more convenient that a full size one, yet more satisfying that a Minichamps 1:43.

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