December 6th in our Advent Calendar and we’d just to be clear, Badger does not advocate gambling in any way, but if you’ve got a favourite driver and their odds are looking rather ‘under-stated’ for the 2011 Drivers’ World Championship, then it might be worth popping some beer money on as a show of support! Well, what else are you going to do with that £10 cheque from Granny at Christmas?

Monaco: where F1 and gambling blend seamlessly

The ‘no-hopers’/drain money

At 250/1, putting money on any of Petrov, Liuzzi, Buemi and Alguersuari, is basically tantamount to burning your money, but much much less fun. Still, could be lucrative if Petrov gets unexpectedly signed to Ferrari in place of Massa, and then Petrov and Smedders (engineer Rob Smedley) somehow form to make a mighty Alonso-whipping machine!! *

*The odds of this, of course, are roughly 1,000,000/1.

The outsiders

Robert Kubica, or Bobby K as we fondly refer to him, has odds of 33/1 on winning next season. So slim? Frankly 2011 is looking like Bobby K’s best chance of the crown yet.

Kobayashi, 100/1. He’s clearly a gambling man by his “unique” driving style, and at those odds you’ve not got a lot to lose, but a fair wodge to gain!

Schumacher. Yes, he is an outsider, ok? At 20/1, he’s apparently marginally better than Bobby K, which given the year’s performances could easily be refuted. However, given the extreme saturation of Mercedes-related Chinese whispers floating about the paddock, it looks as though Ross Brawn could have developed a winner of a car for 2011.

The contenders

Surprise, surprise, the top 5 men in terms of odds are: Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Webber. At 10/1, F1-OAPs Button and Webber are certainly on the fringes of success (where everyone wants to be in life, really), and so probably deserve a couple of quid (plus it’ll spice up the general grand prix watching experience when you spend half the time shouting obscenities at the drivers who you’ve put money on).

Disclaimer:  Badger really doesn’t encourage gambling, as it’s very very bad, and perhaps if you want to get your financial kicks you could, I don’t know, donate to charity instead?   Or how about donating to Badger to help us to keep running 🙂