Playing Badger’s Fantasy Grand Prix is pretty straight-forward.  You choose your cars and your drivers for your dream team and make predictions for pole positon, the podium and fastest lap for each grand prix weekend.

Sure it’s very simple indeed… simple to play that is – it’s not quite so simple to win.

Essentially there are two distinct ways to play – Safe or Risky.  Playing safe for example could be putting Hamilton down for pole, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and fastest lap in your predictions for the race weekend.  This is likely to guarantee you some points somewhere so it’s a pretty safe bet.  However, to score big you’re going to want to correctly predict all the positions correctly and put Hamilton down for say 2nd and then other drivers for the other positions on the podium.

In terms of team selection, you could pick drivers from different teams and cover your bases by having each of your selections so they are not related to each other.  This would be playing it safe because you are spreading your bets and therefore increasing your chances of securing at least some points.  The other option would be to go full on with a team, i.e. choose McLaren as a car and then Lewis as a driver.  If he wins then you’ll get points for him and points for the car too.  You can do the same with the midfield too.  Sure you are reducing your chances of scoring points, but if your reckoning comes good then you’ll take a massive points haul and stand a very good chance of winning that grand prix.

So, it’s up to you – play it safe, pick up points and be consistant throughout the season or play risky and have the chance to score big!  Everyone’s different, but take it from us, here at the Sett – playing risky is far more fun/nerve racking and if you really do want a Badger Trophy Mug, you’re going to have play risky.

Any questions, ask in the comments below.

Good luck!