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He really is a very good advocate for F1 – Sebastian Vettel isn’t necessarily the most beloved driver in F1. That said, when Badger’s seen him involved in any sort of interview outside F1, he’s always come across very well.

As we mentioned in last week’s POP, he was due on the David Letterman show in the US to a) promote F1 and b) whip up excitement in this year’s Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

Notwithstanding the fact that David Letterman is exceptionally annoying (just let the man speak, for heaven’s sake), it’s well worth a watch.



Man who made controversial decision attempts to justify said decision – Oh Bernie. Really?

The man who brought us such well thought through plans as sprinklers to make races artificially wet and short cuts on circuits has been chatting about the BBC/Sky TV deal in Britain.

Apparently, he sees no reason why Sky can’t have exclusive rights when the current deal ends in 2018, saying: “We will never move all countries to pay‑per‑view only, though it wouldn’t make any difference here in the UK.”

Now, his argument for this was backed this up using some seriously dodgy stats. According to Bernie, “Sky reaches over 10m. We don’t get 10m on the BBC, normally about 6m or 7m.”

All this would be fine if he was comparing like-with-like, but he’s not. He’s saying that Sky reaches 10m households. Ok, fine. The BBC reaches all of the country.

The six of seven million people he’s referring to were the number of people actually watching the races on the BBC last season. So to make it work he would need to get 60% of the people with a Sky subscription watching in order to get the same viewing figures. Likely? We doubt it.

By way of some context, the Guardian compare the two broadcasters’ experiences of this year’s Chinese Grand Prix (the first race this season broadcast live on both the BBC and Sky) “[The BBC’s] viewing figures were down by 1m on 2011 to a peak of 4.21m. Sky’s coverage of the race peaked at 887,000 and averaged at around 1m over the first four races of the year.”

See Bernie, it doesn’t make any sense. At all.


What is it with F1 drivers and water – Vettel and Webber did it at Monaco last year and now Hamilton’s got involved, backflipping into a pool of water (don’t worry, it was deep enough).

If you want to see pictures, head over the The Daily Mail website, here.


Rich person has expensive things shocker! – Yep, that’s right, it’s a Tamara Ecclestone story.

She has an expensive handbag. See more, here.


Red Bull – they’re always up to something, aren’t they? – Yep, that’s right, Red Bull are back at it.

This stunt sees Mark Webber and a skydiver swapping tips and then racing.

Full video here: