Podium or Pits – the original good week-bad week of Formula 1 news and gossip!  This week, Formula 1 is in trouble with the Police (a lot!) …

PODIUM.  The United States of America –

Yee-haw!  F1 is coming to Texas, USA, in 2012!  There had previously been talk of a circuit based just outside New York, but Bernie’s jedi-like powers of persuasion have ensured that a new track will be purpose-built for Formula 1 near Austin in Texas.  As long as the folks of Austin don’t ‘do a Donington‘, they’ll be hosting the US Grand Prix from 2012 til 2021.

However, will the Americans even know, let alone care, about this news?  And will USF1 now finally get the financial backing they need to make it to the F1 grid at last?

PITS.  Lewis Hamilton –

And now for your exclusive Lewis Hamilton Criminal Activities Update, courtesy of Podium or Pits!  After reporting last month of Hamilton’s boy-racer stunt in Australia, which saw him getting in trouble with the Police and his car embarassingly impounded, Hamilton has this week been charged for ‘intentionally losing control of a vehicle’.

“What I did was silly, and I want to apologise for it,” said Hamilton at the time.  The UK equivalent offence is probably ‘driving without due care and attention’, which sounds a lot posher but essentially the same thing.  The court date is set for August 24, which is just before the Belgian grand prix, so it remains to be seen whether Hamilton will even be able to attend!

PODIUM.  Veteran British drivers

Here's Johnny!

POP is immensely pleased that British ex-Formula 1 drivers have been finally given something useful to do – helping to steward the grand prix this year.  In Monaco we had Damon “the hate mail has started” Hill presiding over the controversial decision to penalise former arch-rival Michael Schumacher.  And now, at the Turkish grand prix, another British driver will be present… no, not Sir Stirling Moss, he’s still recovering from his fall, no, it’s going to be the return of POP’s favourite childhood (ever-so-slightly rubbish) racing hero … Johnny Herbert!

Herbert won the British grand prix in 1995, which is ironic given that he effectively inherited the win thanks to a crash between Damon Hill and Schumacher.  Some people never change, eh?  Anyway, POP is Herbert’s biggest fan, and even named a short-lived childhood goldfish after him.  Legend.  Here’s Johnny!


Formula One Management, FOM, the Bernie-controlled governing body of the sport, has got itself in trouble with the UK border police.  According to reports, 5 stowaways were discovered on the trucks which had been traveling back from the Monaco grand prix via Calais.  At this rate, Formula 1 is going to turn into an episode of Law & Order!