Badger’s guest contributor, Ant Hot Wheels brings you this week’s POP – an irreverent report on grand prix news stories alongside some other little snippets…

PITS – A Schumacher 1-2 – “Ya Ya I’m not listening to you anymore”

The persistent rumours of yet another Schumacher ‘come back’, continue.  However we at Badger HQ feel the sport simply is not big enough for TWO under-performing Shueys clogging up the formula racetracks of the world. The German newspaper Bild: “Ralf had a concrete offer but it wasn’t the challenge he wanted.  (What was the ‘driving issue’ – team or money? we wonder)

The 34 year old driver continues his third straight campaign in the DTM series in a works Mercedes. It is understood Lotus, Virgin and Hispania are still considering options on him. The possibility of a Schumacher German ‘dream team’ and double brother act have been quashed by Ross Brawn following Michaels frustrating season thus far. Those older viewers may remember that although his bathroom trophy cabinet is considerably smaller than his ‘bros’ he did score 6 wins and 27 podiums when he raced mainly with Williams before switching to the once yen strong Toyota as one of the highest paid drivers.

PODIUM – McLaren – Show time

McLaren have confirmed they will be the first tenants to set up shop next year in the prestigious 1 Hyde Park development where an average penthouse flat goes for a cool £100 million.

This has been designed to coincide with the launch of their new baby road racer the MP4-12C.

It will also give London Badger readers the chance to press their snouts up to the bullet proof glass and gawp at the latest McLaren F1 car which will be heavily sellotaped to one of the side walls as part of a decorative display. Not for sale.

PODIUM – Jenson Button Finishes Fourth

Just short of a podium place (starting to sound familiar!) Jenson did ever so well considering he was suffering a bout of tonsillitis leading up to the event out of a total of 10,999 other ‘triers’  The event consisted of a first course of a 1500 metre swim, a main course of a 40-kilometre bike ride and just when you thought you couldn’t possibly stuff a step more, a 10 kilometre run.

It was all in the name of ‘c-h-a-r-i-tee’ and if you feel compelled to chuck a couple more coppers at him then visit:

PITS – 13 – Unlucky for some?

Room for expansion? Ross Brawn – the portly Mercedes F1 team boss has hit the headlines again with his outspoken disapproval for increasing the grid to 13 teams.

He was quoted by ITV F1 as huffily declaring

“I’d suggest it’s getting pretty tight right now. We’ve started our car for next year. Obviously the amount of effort and resource we put is front line…I think teams can get together in shorter periods of time, as some of the (new) teams demonstrated. But it’s very difficult”

When pushed he goes on to say “I think we’ve got to look at the fact that we’ve got a pretty healthy grid now. 24 cars is a pretty good size” get the impression that one of Ross’s favourite words is ‘pretty’ even when the outlook isn’t?

As a side note, did you know that no driver on the grid has a car with number 13 on it?  It’s true and it’s been the case for quite some time – quite bonkers!

PODIUM – Matchbox Cars

No we’re not talking about the die cast ones introduced in the 50s’ and so named because the original ones were packed in boxes similar in style to a box of matches; but the life size F1 car assembled in the bedroom of German racing fan Michael Arndt in a bid to impress his now ex girlfriend.

Fact fans – Michael spent 6,067 Euros and used 956,000 match sticks (Yes I have counted ‘em all) stuck together with a total of 1,686 tubes of glue.  Wood you believe it?

PITS – Lewis’ stealing artwork?

Badger loves great promotion, the clever sort that really does add value to a brand and make you want to go out and give them your hard-earned pounds and pence, but seriously – what is all this ‘Secret Lewis’ malarkey about?

Have a gander at the latest video below, entitled “Heist” where we follow a hooded Lewis on his quest to steal some artwork, while wearing some sports shoes – it’s all a little odd, or have we missed the point…?

PODIUM – Mini Me

Delving back into the dusty archives; ‘By Jove’ the tached man’s back – Graham Hill with Hill Junior aged just 4 and a half.

As today’s teams ever strive to make cars faster and lighter their forebears can be traced back to 1964, when teams seriously looked into dramatically reducing the size of the car and even toyed round with the idea of training up young drivers to replace the already ‘jockey size’ ones. However the replica 20cc Lotus costing £112 in yesterdays finest pine notes was no match for Daddies 1500cc, 220bhp BRM, costing £10,000!