Adrian Sutil – of all the drivers in Formula 1 today, POP would literally never have guessed that it’d be Adrian Sutil who got into a bar brawl.  He plays the piano like an angel!  The CEO of Genii Capital, which owns Lotus Renault, ended up having to get stitches in hospital for a “neck wound” after the incident with Sutil.  There you have it, Adrian Sutil: puts the ‘Force’ in Force India!

BBC F1 team – Formula 1 isn’t boring, and the BBC team have the gong to prove it!  This week the team won a TV BAFTA for their coverage of the Abu Dhabi grand prix last year, beating off tough competition from Wimbledon, the FA Cup Final, and 6 Nations rugby.  Jonathan Legard, lead commentator at the time of the race coverage, had nothing to say of the win on Twitter, but instead was happily tweeting away about football.  The Times’ correspondent, Kevin Eason, paid this tribute to Legard:

Watched Beeb’s Abu Dhabi GP and thought John Legard was excellent commentator. Top guy

F1 in rose-tinted HD anyone?

Robert Kubica – it’s confirmed, Bobby K will not be back this season.  Don’t race back if you’re not ready, Bobby.  Bring on 2012!

The Monte Carlo tunnel – for a minute POP thought that the famous (and infamous) tunnel would be subject to a DRS zone … but sadly not.  Carnage?  Quite possibly, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Ferrari – when does a blip turn into a slump?  For Ferrari, the slump was truly confirmed at Spain last weekend.  After what POP considers to be a top contender for ‘Start of the Year’, Fernando Alonso’s “pace” turned out to be all mouth and no trousers.

The technical director, Aldo Costa, has already been shafted.  A Ferrari press release stated that “Aldo Costa relinquishes

Alonso chilling out yesterday

his current position as Technical Director to take on new responsibilities within the Company.”  Might these ‘new responsibilities’ be taking out the bins by any chance?

But it’s ok, they have Alonso the Lion!  He’s no Aslan, but team principal Stefano Domenicali puts his 5th place in Spain down to “fighting like a lion”.  Do lions prance?  Or do they more leap?  Anyway, Alonso’s position is clearly gold plated on the Ferrari books.  But can the same be said for Domenicali himself?  So far Luca di Montezemolo, Chairman of Ferrari, has kept quiet, but one word from him could spell the end for Stefano.

“If one has a bad race, the best thing to do is go racing again as soon as possible to try and do better.”  Inspiring words there from Ferrari.

Karun Chandhok – Tweeter of the week, or Tweek if you will, has to go to Lotus reserve driver Karun Chandhok for such gems as:

Isn’t it nice to go back to a restaurant to be greeted with a big hug & bottles of chilli oil and chilli flakes because they remember you !!

Just got to Girona airport to discover the hire car company I rented from in Barcelona doesn’t exist at this airport !! Doh !

Keep up the good work, Karun!