Now the revels and excitement of Monaco have died down, Podium or Pits takes a look at the week’s winners and losers in the world of Formula 1…

Pirelli tyres – the Monaco grand prix may be known as the jewel in the crown of Formula 1, but often it is literally just that: something sparkly, magical, and pretty to look at, but not really very useful when it comes down to the actual racing.  But last weekend was, shock horror, not a procession!  POP thanks Pirelli tyres.  The more technical among you may well be shouting at your computer screens in protest, but Pirelli are surely now long over-due a Podium recognition.

Pirelli also support a ban on changing tyres under red flags. “I can understand there is a safety consideration but I am thinking about it more from a fans’ perspective to be honest” said Pirelli director of motorsport Paul Hembery.  POP couldn’t agree more.

Football – sponsors are up in arms about the chaos in the sport’s governing body, Fifa.  May POP suggest, dear sponsors, that you cast your eye over the highly watched and highly reputable sport of Formula 1?  Just ignore Pat Symonds, that’s just a little blip – nothing to worry about.  POP has even come up with some suggested teams to target…

  • Ferrari and Coca-Cola – they’re both red and, after all, having a soft drinks company as sponsor worked pretty damn well for the Red Bull team!
  • HRT and Adidas – Adidas’ slogan is “Impossible is Nothing”, which will serve them well with HRT.

Lee McKenzie – have we got a new Sir David Frost on our hands?  Lee McKenzie showed the boys how it’s done on Sunday in that interview with Lewis Hamilton.  POP will deferentially refer readers to Benson Jamichello’s wise words on that subject, but suffice to say that Lee was firm but fair to the driver.  Superb journalism.

Karun Chandhok – poor Karun, not only did he find himself in the LIVING HELL that is Madame Tussauds, but he had his phone stolen there too this week!  It’s ok though, because “as my mum told me as a kid, they probably are poor enough to need it more than me”.  Philosophical stuff there Mrs Chandhok.

Fans – do you like being a busy body?  Do you often find yourself ranting at friends about your strongly-held opinions on Formula 1?  Do you just like meeting the bigwigs of Formula 1?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the previous questions, and you live near enough London, then you may well be interested in the FOTA fans forum on 30th June.  Click here to register and for more details.

Kobayashi's new home!

Kamui “Krazy” Kobayashi – he’s the most exciting driver in Formula 1 since Juan Pablo Montoya, but this week it can be revealed that ‘Krazy’ Kobayashi is, in fact, homeless!  He’s just moved out of his home in Paris, and is currently living out of a suitcase, “I have no house, no home. I don’t know where I should live. I have no base at the moment except for a big suitcase. At the moment I’m going from hotel to hotel. I’m always on the move anyway” said Kobayashi.

Might POP suggest buying a luxury yacht, registering residency in the tax haven of the Caymans, and just sailing between races?  Alternatively, POP always has a spare sofa on offer!

Canadian Grand Prix – it may not have even happened yet, F1 is still recovering from the Monaco hangover, but here at Badger we’re very much looking forward to it already – not only is the Canadian GP guaranteed to be exciting race, but with the DRS, Pirelli tyres ans KERS, we believe F1 fans are in for treat!

It’s primarily for this reason that Badger’s first GP LIVE in London event is for the Canadian round of 2011 – if you haven’t got tickets yet, go here to get them quick – it’s only £4.50 and that includes a free drink and entry into the prize raffle, as well as watching the grand prix on the big screen (HD projection!) with an atmosphere only equalled by going to Canada!   Come along and join 100s of other fans to watch the action with Badger!