This week Podium or Pits is simply in awe of Senna, Alonso learns some new tricks, Bahrain is off, oh wait, on again, no, off, I mean on, off … and it’s nearly time for the Badger GP Bash for the Canadian grand prix!

Senna – yesterday, POP was lucky enough to watch the Senna film at the cinema.  It truly does justice to the life and legacy of F1’s “greatest” (check out the debate on Badger here).  POP has only cried at 2 films, and now that list has just increased to 3.  Senna: unmissable.

Plus, check out all the fresh-faced “big cheeses” and drivers of Formula 1 today.  POP’s particular favourite: an utterly awe-struck Rubens Barrichello in the presence of his fellow Brazilian, Ayrton Senna.

Fernando Alonso – I know what you’re thinking … POP never puts Alonso on the podium.  However, after watching Senna, POP is feeling in a particularly forgiving and reconciliatory mood.  This week the Ferrari driver became £70,000 richer thanks to damages from Spanish TV Antenne 3, who had reported that he had split from his wife.  He has a wife!??  You really do learn something new everyday.

Bonus Alonso Fact of the Week: one of his hobbies is …. TA DA, magic! (according to the official Ferrari website nonetheless)  He’ll need more than mere tricks and foolery to conjure a win on Sunday.

TA DA! Alonso shows off his best wizard's beard

Badger’s Big Best Brilliant Brave Bonanza Bash! or Badger’s GP Bash for short, is back this Sunday for the Canadian grand prix.  In a nutshell:  prizes, quizzes, fans, drinks and, of course, a cracking Formula 1 race.  Click here to find out more about how to get involved!

Bahrain – on, off, off, on, off, maybe off, maybe on … oh, who the heck knows anymore.

Sebastien Buemi – it’s been a while, but ‘Daft Driver Website of the Week’ is back!  And Sebastian Buemi does not disappoint.  From the off-road heavy metal intro video, to the faux-broody studio shots, to this little gem…

“Totalling an awesome tally of 6 points, he was 16th at the end of the season, thus being the very first Swiss driver to score points since Marc Surer, 24 years earlier.”

Don’t mess with Buemi and his whopping 6 points.

Sebastien Buemi – what’s this….?  Not a double entry for Buemi, surely?  True story folks, but this video is too good to waste (and no, it’s not featured on his own website!)  Disclaimer: squeamish and/or sensitive viewers are advised to look away now.

Damon Hill – POP would like to take this opportunity *insert a few minutes of gushing tribute here* to thank Damon Hill for his contribution at the BRDC (British Racing Drivers’ Club) which owns the rightful home of the British grand prix, Silverstone.  He is stepping down from his role as BRDC president in August, soon after this year’s race at the circuit on 10th July.  After the Donington Debacle, which threatened the very existence of the British grand prix, it’s a relief to now see Silverstone with a 17-year deal to host F1.  Thanks Damon!