Well folks, now wasn’t that exciting?  This week POP looks at the winners and losers following the EPIC Canadian grand prix…

Eddie Jordan – BBC anchor Jake Humphrey normally spends most of his Sundays reining in the waffling Eddie Jordan.  No, we don’t need to hear again how you used to run a Formula 1 team.  Really, please stop.  But as the rain started to pour down on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit last Sunday, Eddie suddenly came into his element!  Fingers crossed that means he’s got it all out of his system, and doesn’t see it as a season-long mandate to witter on, and on, and on.

Sebastian Vettel – this season made POP doubt whether Vettel really was a human being.  A Peter Crouch-style robot victory dance on the podium would have simply confirmed what we all knew: that Vettel was, in fact, a highly sophisticated Red Bull-made winning machine!  But all is ok – POP can now, with some confidence, say that Vettel is just as accident-prone as the rest of us.  Hurrah!

Women in motorsport – no, POP does not mean those scantily-clad so-called “grid girls” or “pit babes” or other such demeaning names dreamt up by The Patriarchy.  Those women probably don’t know their yellow flags from their red flags, let alone tell the difference between Michael and Ralf.  Ok, ok, rant over.  POP would like to congratulate Leena Gade, the engineer who helped her car to win Le Mans Sunday.  She hasn’t had it easy, “I was told ‘mechanicing isn’t for girls’. I just thought: I’m going to prove you wrong.”  Go girl!

Sir Stirling Moss – to be fair, he’s had a good innings.  This week the legendary Sir Stirling Moss retired from racing, aged a mere 81 years-young.  He had been due to race his own 1961 Porsche RS61 in a Legends race at Le Mans when he had a sudden revelation,  “If I go round here at the correct speed, I’m going to be scared” said Moss.  So he made the decision to quit there and then.  “It suprised me!”  said Moss of his snap retirement.  Radio 4’s Evan Davis asked him if it was anything to do with the recent Senna film (which is exactly what POP had been thinking), but Moss denied its influence.  Regardless, Sir Stirling can be proud of his long racing legacy.

Johnnie Walker – POP loves many things in life:  Formula 1, G&Ts, Nigella Lawson, black coffee, poker, PJs, Gladiator, and … whiskey.  Fortunately, whiskey maker Johnnie Walker also supports Formula 1 (though perhaps they aren’t so fussed about Nigella).  They sponsor the McLaren team, and for the European grand prix at Valencia they’re hosting a glamorous event to celebrate.  For your chance to attend this amazing event, just click here for more details!

The Dream Team – the McLaren duo may put on a matey matey front to the world.  They should try out acting – they’re extremely convincing!  But after crashing his team-mate out of the race, Jenson Button divulged the farce behind the facade, “we don’t spend any time together,” said Button. “It is the easiest way really.”  Awkward.

Check out the video below for a prime example of the Dream Team in action…


Henri Lloyd – and finally, a quick mention for those lovely folk at Henri Lloyd, sponsors of Mercedes GP who are running a special Fathers Day promotion where you can get a free cap when you spend £50 on their smart merchandise.  Check out the offer and their products below…