It’s Thursday!  And that means it’s time for your weekly (fun) news round-up, otherwise known as Podium or Pits (or POP for short).  This week while everyone is recovering from the champagne hangovers of Monaco, POP brings you some rather off-the-wall stories…

PODIUM.  Christian Horner –

At last!  POP can finally admit to a dark secret it has been shamefully hiding, until now, for fear of being laughed out of the F1 community.  For a while now, umm, POP has been harbouring an inexplicable crush on … Red Bull boss Christian Horner.  Don’t ask, because POP doesn’t know.  Sometimes these things just happen.  And now here’s the reason why it is now ‘ok’ to reveal this little secret:  Horner in all his glory circa Cosmopolitan magazine 1997… enjoy!

PODIUM.  Lucas di Grassi –

We all know that as drivers enter the world of Formula 1, they are inevitably swamped by hordes and hordes of adoring fans, models and actresses.  Lucas di Grassi has only been in F1 since the beginning of this season, but he left this somewhat mysterious message on Twitter yesterday…

My Veronica is getting fat and updated. Virginia is fat since Barcelona. Does anyone knows what I’m talking about?

What do you think?  Is Lucas having romantic liasons with several larger ladies, or is he copying Sebastian Vettel and naming his cars?

PITS.  Canadian water pipes –

The Canadian grand prix 2010?

So you’re all thinking POP’s taken some crazy pills this week, right?  Wrong!  There is actually a genuine F1-related reason for knowing about the state of Canada’s water pipes.  According to the Montreal Gazette, “the aging pipes located below the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve could jeopardize the Formula One event.”  Jeopardize?  Or add a brilliant exciting twist to the Canadian grand prix?  You decide.

PITS.  Williams F1 –

Williams had a particularly disastrous weekend in Monte Carlo, with Hulkenberg crashing out on the 1st lap, and Rubens Barrichello later joining him into the barriers.  But it’s not been a great year for Williams either really.  The TV cameras have barely acknowledged the existence of the long-standing F1 team in recent months.  And now, with Webber and Button looking stronger than ever, it got POP to wondering whether the Williams team has had its day?  Webber drove for Williams back in 2005-2006, and Button in 2000, and now … they’re the 2010 and 2009 winners of the Monaco grand prix respectively.  When asked what he thought of Webber’s recent successes, Williams boss Sir Frank Williams said, “I can honestly say, no bulls***, I’m delighted.”  Hey, at least the team’s got a sense of humour.  That’s pretty much all they’ve got going for them at the moment.