Podium or Pits is a little late this week, but that’s the fashion these days!  The 2011 F1 season was a whopping fortnight late, after all.  This week POP has a classic menagerie of mad, bad, and dangerous F1 stories …

Mercedes madness – every now and again there comes along a truly legendary Formula 1-related video.  The new Mercedes advert (which hardly seems to advertise Mercedes at all) definitely deserves to join this pantheon of video ‘greats’.  It features Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher, plus a very special guest (scroll down to watch).  POP has watched the video on loop a couple of dozen times!  The advert makes no sense whatsoever, but who cares?  It’s hilarious.

Lewis Hamilton’s teeth – is Lewis on his way to Hollywood or something?  POP has noticed his teeth looking suspiciously white and perfect and, well, odd.  His girlfriend is Nicole Scherzinger, the American pop star, so maybe she’s giving him a make-over?  He is ‘starring’ in Disney’s Cars 2 – but that’s an animated film!  Still, POP doesn’t like it one bit.


Lewis Hamilton: new knashers?

Nico Hulkenberg – in case you hadn’t noticed, here at Badger we love our F1 nicknames.  Robert Kubica is fondly known as Bobby K, there’s ‘Felipe Baby’, and Nico Hulkenberg was always going to earn ‘the Hulk’ as his nickname.  It turns out that Nico has truly embraced it … with a comic!  It’s refreshingly modest, with ‘the Hulk’ poking fun at himself as he starts out at the Force India team.  Random Hulk fact: his favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean!

Jonathan Legard – the former BBC F1 commentator left us (or, rather, was booted) for pastures new at the end of last season.  But POP has spotted him!  Well, heard him.  Dozily waking up the other morning, POP was astounded to hear Legard chatting on the radio.  And get this, he was talking about horse racing.  Yes folks, Legard has finally found his spiritual calling.  About time too.  If you miss him, you can follow him on twitter by clicking here.

Tony Fernandes – despite the Lotus v Lotus case still dragging through the courts, Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes was all smiles on receiving his CBE from the Queen.  Congratulations!

April fools – Badger had a very special announcement today regarding the formation of the Badger GP Racing Team for 2012 – you can read all about it here, and well, if you take notice of the day, it will all make sense!  In fact, the whole homepage of BadgerGP.com was changed for the morning of April 1st – if you missed it, you can see it here: April 1st on Badger GP.