This week Podium or Pits features a mini-quiz, rain, the offspring of Bernie Ecclestone, Lewis ‘gangsta’ Hamilton, and a book worth more than your average house…!

Bernie’s girls – It is amazing that Bernie Ecclestone, F1 supremo, could have produced two such tall and attractive daughters.  POP is inclined to think that marrying a giantess Croatian model helped, but still… anyway, Ecclestone’s daughters have been splashed across the press over the last week.  His youngest, Petra, has announced her engagement to businessman James Stunt (sounds a lot like a British world champion we all know…)  Congrats!

Meanwhile his eldest, Tamara, hit the headlines for something far more interesting: that she is morphing into Jordan (Katie Price – glamour model, “celebrity”, “writer”, whatever).  Spooky or what?  It’s like subliminal F1 marketing!

“Morning! On my way to the photo shoot. Hope everyone has a good day its sunny!!!!!” said Tamara in a recent tweet.  Tamara definitely inherited her father’s brains and business prowess, incredible.

Benson Ferrari – POP is truly spoiling you this week… with a quiz!  Winners will receive POP’s admiration for the entirety of the 2011 season (there are some things money can’t buy!)  To win, just guess what or who ‘Benson Ferrari’ is:

  • A – the soon-to-be-launched new Ferrari sports car
  • B – the mutant offspring of BBC’s Andrew Benson, and Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali
  • C – a former Tory standing as a candidate in the May British local elections
  • D – what legendary singer George Benson calls his favourite car

Post your answers in the comments below!

Malaysian weather – Just take a look at the weather forecast for Sepang (where the Malaysian grand prix is held)!  It’s bad news for the spectators, who may as well wear their swimming gear and goggles on race day, but it’s brilliant news for the fans watching from the comfort of the sofa at home.  Let it rain on this parade!  Plus, it’s one less circuit for Bernie to attempt to install his ridiculous “sprinkler” system.

Thanks to the BBC weather whiz kids

The $250,000 Ferrari book – Recession?  Yeah, whatever.  What do you buy for the sportscar-mad friend who has everything?  A diamond encrusted book on the history of Ferrari, of course!  And all for a bargain quarter of a million dollars.  !?$@##!??!!  Sorry, POP was just choking on some Ferrari ruby-encrusted bran flakes…

F1 teams – As a whole, teams earned 21% more prize money this year than last.  Is Bernie trying to sweeten up them up?  Apologies for the scepticism, but Bernie is a truly modern-Machiavelli.  Teams are rewarded based on provisions in the Concorde Agreement (between the FIA, the F1 teams, and FOM which Bernie is heavily involved in).  Teams which finish higher in championship are awarded more, but teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Williams receive even more by virtue of their long-standing success in F1.

Nic Hamilton – Lewis Hamilton’s teenage brother is competing in the Renault Clio Cup, and like the good big brother he is, Lewis travelled all the way back to Brands Hatch to watch his brother’s debut before returning to Malaysia for grand prix preparations.  Nic finished 12th, which isn’t bad going for a debut.  Check out Lewis’ attempt at the “Gangsta” look.  Oh dear, oh dear.

Special thanks to Riccardo Monza for all the tip-offs!