Ferrari1 – is what you may as well call Formula 1 if News Corp and Exor buy Formula 1 from the current owners CVC capital partners.  Exor has a controlling stake in Fiat, which owns Ferrari.  Obviously these talks are all still in the very earliest stages, but the potential implications for the independence and integrity of the sport are huge.  It would mean that of the 3 parties involved in the Concorde Agreement, Ferrari would dominate ’em all…

  • FIA – headed up by Jean Todt, the ex-Ferrari boss
  • FOTA (the teams association) – Ferrari are a dominant player.  Ferrari bigwig Luca di Montezemolo was the Chairman who successfully got the FIA to back down during the whole ‘break-away’ series debacle.
  • FOM (the group of companies which hold the commercial rights – currently majority owned by CVC, with heavy involvement from Bernie) – would potentially be partly owned by Exor (as noted above, essentially another member of the Ferrari ‘family’ – and in Italy, family look out for family).

Never has the phrase ‘Ferrari International Assistance’ been more apt.

Senna: the film – for all us UK F1 fans it’s been a long time waiting, but from the 3rd June we’ll at last be able to watch the Senna film!  Badger has already reviewed the film, check it out here.  So far, POP has found out that it’ll be on at the Chelsea Curzon cinema – and will keep you posted for any more details of other venues!

Mark Webber – POP has been mistaken all these years.  Mark Webber truly is a forward planner – and now here’s the evidence!  Webber dug out a circa 1995 ‘Mark Webber’s career path options’ which all envisaged getting into Formula 1 by 2001.  He wasn’t far off – he started driving for Minardi in 2002.

So what’s all this rubbish about going to a smaller team at the end of this season?  Rubbish.  Perhaps Webber is playing with the Red Bull team – maybe he is waiting for team-mate Vettel to be lured to Ferrari and then he can reign supreme in the caffeine-fuelled grid team?  Who knows – but given the level of detail on the ’95 plan, POP wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a ’11 plan too.

No time for BBQs in Mark's grand plan?

The Championship – What’s that dot on the horizon POP can see?  Oh, wait, it’s a Red Bull winning the Turkish grand prix by a country mile.  Apparently Red Bull have fixed their KERS problems (aka their achilles heel).  The championship battle may be over before it’s begun…

Marussia Virgin Racing – yes, the new name is a bit of a mouthful, but the most stylish new team on the block are certainly living up to their reputation.  At Silverstone last year the team put on a festival-style ‘Virgin Racing Weekend’, and they’re repeating it again at this year’s British grand prix.  POP prefers the finer things in life, and camping can be rather unglamorous … so MVR’s plans are looking pretty exciting for those of us who are venturing to Silverstone this summer: VIP camping, live bands, BBQ with the drivers and team, champagne lounge and a licensed bar – what more do you need for a race weekend?

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