Daddy's 'little' girl, Petra Ecclestone

Petra Ecclestone – Petra, the daughter of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, is one spoilt lucky girl.  Here’s what Bernie provided for his little darling to celebrate her engagement to businessman Jamie Stunt:

  • The singer Rihanna was flown in by helicopter to sing at the party held in Battersea Power Station (done up with fake columns, chandeliers and a marquee) – she reportedly sang a mere 6 songs for the grand total of £250,000
  • A display of supercars, including many Ferraris and an £800,000 Bugatti Veyron (very modest)
  • Vintage Cristal champagne
  • Rose petals covering the floors (classy)

Petra already lives in a £66.5 million house in Chelsea which daddy Bernie bought for her – complete with zebra-skin furnishings.  And who said money couldn’t buy you happiness?

Jenson Button – the McLaren driver should from now on come with a 18+ rating after his recent X-rated rant following the Turkish grand prix.  Hitting back at critics who are already writing him off Jenson said,

What’s the point in saying, ‘It’s slipped away?’

We might as well f***ing go home as say that. I mean, Jesus Christ guys, let’s not make it too negative.

Wash your mouth out Jenson Alexander Lyons Button!  What would your mother say?  Not only is there swearing, but Jenson threw in some blasphemy just for good measure too.  Swearing may not be clever, but it sure is funny to watch Jenson blow his top sometimes.

Max Mosley – not satisfied with giving the News of the World a proper whipping at the High Court in 2008, former FIA President took his quest for justice to the European Court of Human Rights.  But, sadly, he lost.  Mosley was attempting to obtain a ruling that newspapers must give advance warning to ‘victims’ before they print stories about them.  POP admires his gutso, but perhaps the best method of achieving privacy is to, well, not bang on about it all the time!  POP welcomes any reader suggestions for a new hobby for Mosley…

The Ferrari F1 website – it has been too long since the legendary words of the Ferrari website graced the pages of Podium or Pits.  They used to be so witty, controversial, passionate … Italian!  Of late, however, they’ve been a bit lacklustre.  The best they’ve come up with recently is “A third place is not enough: there is much to do” as a title.  The article states that “everyone is well aware that the Scuderia certainly can’t settle for jumping onto the lowest step of the podium.”  POP can personally promise a coveted ‘Podium’ spot if the website comes up with some of their traditional Italian passion!

Vettel's celebratory tipple in Turkey

Sebastian Vettel – was anyone wondering why the drivers on the podium at last weekend’s Turkish grand prix were not supping their usual Mumm champagne?  POP has the answer.  And it’s pretty amusing.  Turns out that the age limit for drinking alcohol at events in Turkey is 24, and Vettel is only 23!  Sadly there may not even be a Turkish grand prix for Vettel to win next year (aged 24), so he’ll just have to make up for it by celebrating in style in the back to back races of Spain and Monaco.