This week David Coulthard takes a tumble (literally!), Bernie has some classic soundbites, and Anthony Davidson becomes a daddy!

David Coulthard – gravity caught up with DC this week, as he was spotted falling over outside London’s Box nightclub on Tuesday night!  Thankfully, a kind, friendly Londoner was on hand to help the BBC commentator back on his feet.  When a man is in his 40s, the clubbing scene is fine … but falling over in the gutter outside said club is certainly not!  Take note, DC.

The new Silverstone Wing – no, really, that’s what it’s called.  The ‘Silverstone Wing’.  Formula 1 is superb at a great many things; naming is not one of them.  Bernie Ecclestone, who didn’t attend the grand opening this week, said “It is a great shame that it could not have been completed 10 years ago, but well done Silverstone.” A back-handed compliment is probably the best you’ll ever get from Bernie, so indeed, well done Silverstone!

However, many British F1 greats were there for the celebrations, including some Badger favourites: John Surtees, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Jenson Button, Damon Hill (who had a comic turn on Radio 4 that morning) … even David Coulthard managed to stand up for long enough to attend!

Is it a bird? A plane? Or Bahrain protesters...?

Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond – all (UK) F1 buffs should watch this programme (BBC iplayer is UK only).  Find out why F1 owes its existence to cannons, body armour, jet engine fan blades, and blacksmiths!  Who knew F1 could be so diverse?

The Red Bull Ring – Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel may be running rings around the competition (see what POP did there?), but this week was the opening of the newly-named ‘Red Bull Ring’ (the second entry in this week’s openings of Very Dull and Bleedin’ Obvious Named Tracks or Bits of Tracks).  Formerly the A1/Österreichring in Austria, there is an outside chance that Formula 1 could return to the circuit.  When asked of the possibility, Bernie replied “why not?” Ahh, Bernard, how POP shall miss your irreverence.

Tamara Ecclestone – continuing POP’s Bernie Sprog Watch saga, Tamara Ecclestone has modelled for PETA the against animal cruelty organisation.  On its website, PETA boasted that “last year, Tamara persuaded many of the top F1 teams and drivers to swear off foie gras.”  That will save literally dozens of ducks per year, so in the words of Tamara’s daddy … well done Tamara.

Anthony Daddy Davidson – congratulations Anthony!  The BBC 5 Live commentator (and former F1 driver) and his wife Carrie welcomed a little baby boy Davidson into the world on Wednesday.

Heikki Kovalainen – “simulators are not the same boooooring”.  Then start actually racing, Heikki.