This week POP is all about Red or Black, lots of lovely wonga, missing persons, and tracks, Jenson Button opens a restaurant in, err, Harrogate, and someone claims that the idea for F1 was stolen from Scalextric…

Renault – Why have an amazing, reliable, brilliantly bearded driver when you can instead have … an inexperienced, pretty rubbish driver with a famous name?  The choice is clear, no?  Hmm, apparently it’s money over good old fashioned common sense for Renault.

Nick (“Mr Reliable”) Heidfeld has left the Renault team and has been replaced by Bruno Senna.  It’s all got messy, with the courts even getting involved stating that Renault were in their rights to end their contract with the German driver.  They’ve since reached an out-of-court settlement.  “Our separation process was already a painful one, and neither of us wanted to go through another legal hearing” said Renault boss Eric Bouiller, making it all sound more like a divorce!  Ouch.

FIA – look, there are barely any very few decent Tilke tracks in the world, and Turkey is one of them.  So shame on the FIA for definitely dropping it from the 2012 calendar.  Turkey and Nick Heidfeld are being significantly underrated this week.  As a consolation, we’ve got the return of Bahrain, and the arrival of Austin, USA.  Not consoled?  No, neither is POP.

Jenson Button – who are you calling biased?  Some drivers are merely better at generating interesting stories than others, that’s all.  Writing about what drivers have for dinner, or how many miles they’ve cycled on a Tuesday, does not a good POP entry make.

This week, Jenson Button has opened a restaurant!  That’s headline news fodder right there folks.  He’s one of the investors in a new restaurant called ‘Victus’ in, err, Harrogate.  “We want our food to be healthy [and] sometimes naughty” said the restaurant’s website.

Charlie Brooker – POP agonised for literally minutes about whether the Guardian writer’s recent article should win him a place on a podium, or a space in the pits.  So … POP flipped a coin and it came out pits.  Very fair.  Read it if you like, but here’s just some of the juicest snippets to make you want to throw things at your computer screen:

“F**k F1. Save BBC4”

“Cars driving round and round”

“Everyone knows they stole the idea for F1 from Scalextric anyway”

“I can’t imagine voluntarily standing beside an F1 track in the rain, watching motorised wedges plastered in corporate decals zooming past at 500mph”

Bernie Sprog Watch – wow, those sprogs of Bernie Ecclestone do keep themselves busy,  what with all the hair appointments, manicures, photoshoots, shopping etc to be doing.  This week, newlywed younger daughter Petra got a £170,000 Rolls Royce as a ‘surprise’ wedding gift from her new husband.  How vulgar tasteful.  And in case you didn’t know, her husband is called James Stunt. That’s right. James Stunt. You literally can’t make this stuff up.

Red Or Black – for this entry, POP is in the very capable hands of Benson Jammichello who, to be honest with you, doesn’t really know what Red or Black is. Presumably it’s a very interesting programme about the relative dangers of sun burn on skins with different levels of melanin.

Having looked into this, the reality is tremendously disappointing, as apparently it’s a gameshow with Ant n’ Dec. Thanks ITV1,  it’s not like I had too many of those in my life already. Now, to discover why Tess has left me this…

Ah, the Jenson Button and David Couthard were on it as special guests, that’s why. Speaking to a colleague, it transpires they had to bump tyres in go-karts. How tremendously entertaining. David Couthard won, if any of you care.

Lots of lovely wonga – Those crazy folks at have put together a little article on money in F1 (which you can find here). Yes, some of the figures aren’t the most recent and yes, there’s something entirely false about a $40 million budget cap but, overall, it’s probably worth a few moments of your time.