This week’s Podium or Pits – the original Good Week / Bad Week of F1 brings you up to speed on what’s what in the F1 world…


Jenson back in 1999, hot? ©

Jenson Button – it seems that many female fans aren’t wrong in liking Jenson for more than his on-track style, because he’s been declared Britain’s best looking man.

He beat the likes of David Beckham – that chap who kicks a ball well, or rather, used to, Colin Firth – best known for playing the King in a recent moving picture and even James Bond (Daniel Craig) to the prize – read more here on Yahoo!


Derek Daly – If you didn’t know already, he was the driver steward for Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix and therefore partly responsible for the decisions on handing out penalties to drivers, or not as the case may be.  Many fans, going by the twitter feed during the race thought Schumacher deserved some form of punishment for his ‘defensive’ driving against Lewis Hamilton, including Ross Brawn who gave some code-like messages about leaving room… anyhow, Derek has now said – after the results have been finalised that he didn’t see all the video evidence and now thinks the 7 times champ does deserve penalty.  And there we were thinking driver stewards were helping to avoid such situations, pah!


Jaime Alguersuari – the young Toro Rosso driver has been busy pursuing his other hobbies besides racing – DJing and has this week released some tunage (is that what the kids say these days?) under his muso pseudonym “Squire” – you can see some videos and listen to some of full length mixes on his Squire Music website – Bangin’



Johnnie Walker – Badger’s favourite whisky is back on the scene this weekend at the Goodwood Revival.  Not only are they still partnered with Goodwood, but they have a very special bar setup for the weekend – the Rob Walker bar, in honour of the Rob Walker Racing Team – one of the more successful privateer teams from back in the day.

If you’re going to Goodwood for the Revival this weekend, check out the bar on the Brooklands Lawn and more improtantly, this bit of promo makes it on the podium this week because BadgerGP’s Adam Milleneuve and Benson Jammichello will be at the Revival on Sunday – if you’re going then, let us know in the comments below and we’ll let you know nearer the time when we’ll be about – come and say hello!  For more info on the Revival, see the Goodwood website and for more info on the bar, check out Johnnie Walker’s info here


Sir Stirling Moss driving for Rob Walker Racing in 1961 ©



Podium or Pits – Right folks, it’s a truly ‘pits’ week in the long history of ‘Podium or Pits’, or POP for short.  It’s been well over 2 years, but it’s time for Tess Tarossa (the regular writer and founder of this column) to relinquish the fun task of bringing you all the news, gossip, and down-right ridiculous F1 stories of the week.

On the more ‘Podium’ side of things, there will be a mega super duper Podium or Pits this weekend, so send over your suggestions and nominations for this extra special final POP-hurrah for Tessa.

If you’d like to contribute some POP-style news/gossip stories for this weekend’s Podium or Pits Special, send them to and include your Twitter handle if you have one!  Contributions need to be in before 11am on Saturday 17th September.

And never fear, though, for there will plenty more POP-tastic features from BadgerGP… when Benson Jammichello takes of the POP throne from next week.  Oh and Tessa isn’t leaving the Sett, she’ll keep on contributing to Badger, just in a less regular manner!