Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Watch out for Lewis Hamilton in latex,  Petra doing something tasteful and her Dad grabbing some more money…


Lewis realises what he's done World © Sutton

Lewis in latex – the beard, the earrings, the teeth and the oversized sunglasses, POP always thinks Lewis Hamilton looks naff very showbiz.

Now, it turns out, that he’s been enjoying slipping into some of Nicole (not-at-all-trying-to-plug-the-US-version-of-X-Factor) Scherzinger’s latex wardrobe, something she “revealed” on the Capital FM breakfast show. Nothing like generating a bit of publicity on the back of your famous boyfriend (or “lovers” as the Metro inexplicably decided to call them), is there?


Fashion show! Fashion show! – Now, this incarnation of POP isn’t a great lover of fashion. In fact, today POP is wearing a t-shirt that’s approximately a squillion years old and some jeans it can’t remember buying, so long ago were they purchased.

However, in exciting news for those who do care (we know there are some), some middling F1 drivers will be taking part in a fashion show in the Amber Lounge in Singapore. Ohmygodthisissoexciting.

Apparently Karun Chandhok and Romain Grosjean will be there, as well as Sakon Yamamoto (after all, you’ve got to give him something to do). Keeping up Britain’s fashion representation will be a Badger favourite, Sam Bird, who we hope to see flying the flag by wearing a giant replica of Big Ben.


The lady herself World © Sutton

Class– Yes, that’s right POP lovers, it’s the Daily Mail, it’s Petra Ecclestone and it’s one of the most hideous things you’ve ever seen. Just what tantalisingly tasteless treats are we in for today?

It appears she’s bought herself a new Range Rover. Nothing too odd there you might think. What could she possibly have done to merit the attentions of The Daily Mail?

Well, in an attempt to prove that new money can buy class, she’s decided to have the word “Petra” inscribed on both the front and the back. POP really suggests you look at this, if only to decide what not to do when you win the lottery. It’s one of the most hideous things we’ve ever seen.

N.B. As has been mentioned by POP before, her husband’s name is James Stunt. This stuff just writes itself.


Would you let this man sell you a car?

Hello, the fifties called, it wants its clothes back – There is nothing that Badger’s editor, Adam Milleneuve, likes more than dressing up in retro clothing (or buying retro things).

If you see a man with seventies hair, a flat cap and a dodgy leather jacket, it’s probably him.

So, when the opportunity arose to go to the Goodwood Revival, he jumped at the chance. Who wants to see a photo of him in action? POP does! POP does! Look right now, dear reader.

For those who don’t know why Adam would do such a thing, the Revival is a big classic car shindig at the Goodwood Racing Circuit, located near Chichester in West Sussex. Not only can you look at the cars, you can see them race as well. Spiffing. Newly regenerated POP has been going for years and highly recommends it. Highly.



Keep the money and run – Two Ecclestone stories in one POP? We’re spoiling you.

Everyone remembers Bahrain right? Ordinary people started protesting, ruling elite responded with overwhelming force to supress them and, amidst all of that, there was an F1 race meant to be happening? Of course you do.

Well, it turns out that the Bahraini government (otherwise known as The Royal Family) have still paid their race hosting fee, even though they didn’t have a race! Mad, right? Well, not so much. What’s the best thing to do if you want to prove your country is ‘back to normal’? That’s right, make sure you host a mojor sporting event the following year. Bernie, of course, was more than happy to oblige, describing them as ‘lovely people’.