Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Watch out for the standard Ecclestone offspring story, Montoya flying a plane and Bahrain in the spotlight…


Two business people... World © Kalisz/Sutton

Fighting a losing battle – This week we’re featuring Tamara Ecclestone. That’s right, and you didn’t even realise Petra had an older sister. BadgerGP, giving you the F1 news you really care about.

It turns out this one’s a career woman. Of sorts. But not really. As far as POP can tell (and yes, we read the whole article – don’t ever say we don’t walk through walls for you), her career seems to consist of renovating her massive house in Kensington, flying all over the world with a hand-picked LA-based designer and buying a £1 million crystal bath. POP is very rarely lost for words, but we’ve got nothing.

Oh, and she’s getting her own reality TV show. To show she’s “normal”. Good luck with that.


Juan Pablo Montoya learns to fly – this is probably the strangest POP entry of the week.

POP was first alerted to this little gem of a video by Riccardo Monza, Badger’s Big Quiz maestro. Broken down into its most basic parts, this is a video showing former F1 driver JPM flying model planes somewhere in America. For 30 minutes. Yeah, we thought it was odd too. So odd, in fact, that we simply had to share it. Enjoy…


And now for something a little more serious – yes, we know, POP doesn’t usually get all straight faced, but when we do it’s always for something good.

We made mention last week of Bernie Ecclestone pocketing the hosting fee for this year’s non-existent Bahrain GP (presumably because they want to make sure they can host it next year, even if things look a bit dodgy). This begs the question: where would we find out how Bahrain is doing? Well, look no further dear POP-ites, for help is at hand.

The Economist have given us all a timely little update, which is nice of them. Yes, it’s a bit heavy if you’re not into this kind of thing, but it’s well worth a read. POP wonders whether F1 will be back next year…


Lewis pondering... World © Kalisz/Sutton

Lewis Hamilton hates children! – of course he doesn’t, but we’re surprised that’s not how the Daily Mail headline reads.

Apparently he doesn’t want children yet, as he’s worried it would rob him of his racing edge and stop him taking risks.

Now, forgive POP for a flight of fancy but, given this season, perhaps that’s exactly what he does need. We think Lewis should try his best to speed delivery of a child by the time next season starts.


Jealousy is a very bad thing. A very bad thing – well, you know how it is, Thrustmaster plan to release a new Ferrari F1 wheel for various computer game fiends and you get asked to try it out. So far, so standard. Then you find out you’re going to test it in Monza. At the Grand Prix. With real Ferraris whizzing round. It really is a tough life…

If you want to see someone having a whale of a time at a Grand Prix and also playing computer games while there, then we recommend you have a look below. Sickening…


A nice gesture – POP isn’t going to say too much, but we just recommend you read this.

In a world of Lewis Hamilton scrapping with Felipe Massa and any number of other racing shenanigans, it’s always good to remember there’s life outside.