Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Watch out for Flavio Briatore, Jensational news and other such fripperies…


What a fine figure of a man... World © Sutton

Rejoice! Flav’s back – Now, while POP isn’t a great lover of the serial Italian playboy business mogul, we do enjoy his sheer and utter nuttiness.

Those who follow the Flav closely (yes, that’s right, the Flav) might know of his involvement with an English football club, Queens Park Rangers, until recently. It now transpires (well, three weeks ago, but go with us) that, while he was there, he allowed a documentary team to follow him around.

It’s brilliantly awful and, let’s just say that if he ran his Renault team anything like he ran QPR, we can only imagine what went on behind the scenes.


How to set up an F1 race – there’s a Grand Prix coming to India don’tcha know? The Times of India are getting on board and have published an interesting article about what it takes to set up and run a successful race. POP thinks not giving control to the people who set up the Commonwealth Games is probably a very good place to start.

Yes, the article is a bit basic and yes, you’ll probably feel like you’re being talked down to slightly, but it’s well worth a read, if only to understand the huge logistical operation that goes into putting on a race.


I’m sorry, what? Let’s all hope this isn’t true. Pretty please. Pretty pretty please. With our Badger mascot on top.


Jensational!! – That’s right folks, Jenson has only gone and signed a new ‘multi-year deal’ with McLaren. In honour of the previous version of POP who, it must be said, never missed an opportunity to publish ridiculously massive photos of him, feast your eyes on the below.

Jenson catches a glance at his first wage slip... World © Sutton


Everyone loves stats. Right? The chaps at Carbuzz have had a go at trying to pin down what F1 world champions have in common. They’ve produced what can only be described as screenshots of a series of Powerpoint slides and, in a truly revolutionary move, have put them on the internet. All together now…oooOOOOooo.

Taken as a whole, it’s fine. Nothing too revolutionary, but worth a quick scan.

However, POP does have a couple of points: first of all, we think it’s a good idea when you’ve created something about F1 stats to demonstrate that you know a fairly vital stat: how long F1’s been around. Is it 60 years (at the top) or 50 years (at the bottom)? Also, if you’re going to call a category “had wealthy parents?” (quite apart from asking how on earth they know) it might be good idea to include a breakdown of what actually constitutes a wealthy parent. Jimmy von Weeks was trying to explain something about the F3 and British F3 stats, but POP was thinking about pot plants and hummus at the time. Sorry.