A day late, but none the worse for it, Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Stay tuned for Lewis Hamilton and Bob Crowe, Schumacher = cheat?, yet more Tamara, a job at McLaren and David Couthard scaring us all half to death…


Lewis Hamilton in Brazil, 2011 World © Kalisz/Sutton

Birds of a feather – which two groups of people drive for a living, are paid ridiculously well and are obsessed with safety?

Yes, that’s right fellow POPites, it’s F1 drivers (why would we care otherwise?) and tube drivers. So it was that POP was greeted with a slightly unusual sight while cruising the Daily Mirror website (yes, we know).

Is that Lewis Hamilton we thought? Why yes, yes it is. He was on the Northern Line to promote Diageo’s Responsible Drinking campaign which, if you were picky, you might suggest they were undermining by being one of the world’s biggest alcoholic drink manufacturers. Just us?


L to R:, Michael Schumacher Benetton, Ross Brawn and Flavio Briatore reflect on their exclusion. Belgian Grand Prix, Spa, 28 August 1994
Could it be true? World © Sutton

Michael Schumacher? Accused of cheating? This surely can’t be true – Well, according to Jos Verstappen, it is.

Jos was, as we all know, Michael Schumacher’s team mate at Benetton in 1994 and has alleged that the German driver’s car was fitted with electronic driver aids.

All POP’s saying is that Flavio Briatore was team principal. Draw your own conclusions.


Que? – POPites. We’re going to level with you. We don’t know what on earth is going on here.

There’s a blog called Formula 1 Guitar. This much we know. We’re called BadgerGP so, you know, we’re not confused by the name.

However, the tag line for the blog is the rather dotty:

This blog will take you all around the Formula 1 Championship on board my Gibson X-plorer guitar imitating the sound of Fernando Alonso´s Ferrari engine. This will give us an original point of view on this sport.

No, seriously, what?


Is this even…anything? – The Daily Mail celebrity section. It’s been the supplier of most, if not all, of our Tamara Ecclestone fun.

However, we’re really not sure there’s anything in this. At all. Or ever will be.

Oh, and apparently she’s been the subject of a blackmail plot. You know, just to keep you up to date.

Goodness, does that girl’s diary ever free up?


We’d do it for freeMcLaren are advertising for “Partner Co-ordinator”. This sounds amazing.

Although, to be honest, it probably would have been better when Nicole and Lewis were still going out.


What on earth is David Couthard doing? – Has a man ever posed more awkwardly for anything, ever?

Thanks to Craig Normansell for the picture