Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in F1. Stay tuned for a scouse brow, rejection, Jenson’s award, bribery and, last but by no means least, the most interesting POP entry of this week.


A scouse brow – POP considers that, as the person who is meant to write about all of this nonsense, there’s a responsibility to know what certain things are. Unfortunately a “scouse brow” is one thing that has, somehow, evaded POP’s knowledge.

So boys and girls, let’s all learn together through the medium of Tamara Ecclestone. It appears (and with the Daily Mail celebrity website one is always slightly circumspect) that Tamara has done something with her eyebrows. ohmygodthisistooexcitingtelltheseheartpalpitationstostop.

If POP isn’t reading this wrongly a “scouse brow” is when you make your eyebrows thicker and darker which, apparently, Tamara has done. Now, two things – 1) we’re all for Tamara news at Badger, but this one is, put simply, nonsense and 2) note to the Daily Mail: we only want Tamara news that’s 70% nonsense or below please. Not this 100% variety – it’s too rich for our taste.

Favourite line from the article: Catching on: The look was first seen on Desperate Scousewives star Jodie Lundstram but has spread south to Lauren Goodger [from The Only Way is Essex] and Kate Middleton.


Jilted – You know when you desperately want something to go your way and, until the decision is made, you try as hard as you can to carry on as normal? Sometimes this works and, to be honest, often it doesn’t.

So we come to Adrian Sutil who, not so long ago, went to Tower Bridge Karting on a Force India sponsored appearance. He looks really nifty in those black overalls doesn’t he?

Then,after all that hard work, came the news that he’d been dropped for Nico Hulkenberg. Oh dear.


Jenson Button comes top – That’s right, top of the “Worst Celebrity Adverts of the Year”, an award of which we’re sure he’s rightly proud.

The advert isn’t great, we’ll be the first to admit. And the line “wow, it’s bracing” has to be seen to be believed in its awfulness. That apart, it seems like fairly standard fare.

How THIS monstrosity with Gavin Henson didn’t win we’ll never know. The dancing, THE DANCING…POP’S LOVELY EYES.


Two words beginning with ‘B’ – We don’t know, but this article from the Telegraph makes it seem like the judge in the trial Bernie Ecclestone is all wrapped up in isn’t giving the whole “it was a shakedown” argument much credence.

See here for details.


Who wants to be this child? – Imagine you’ve just turned 13. You’re Canadian. You like karting and you’re pretty good at it. Your father is a millionaire. Oh, and you’re one of three young drivers working with Ferrari. POP’s not jealous. No no, not at all.

This article is quite long, but we suggest you give it a read. It’s interesting stuff, if written by someone who clearly doesn’t know that much about F1.