Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for a bible lesson, a twitter revolution, new cars, Tamara and an old friendship dying hard…


Joshua would be proud – This story demonstrates POP working at its cross-generational best, with former POP writer extraordinaire Tess Tarossa nudging the current incumbent towards this rather brilliant tale.

We’re not going to repeat what it says in the original article (POP is reliably informed it’s from a magazine known as Stylist), as you can read it just over there —->

If you really can’t be bothered, then suffice it to say that it’s about female Palestinian racing drivers.

The main thing that piqued POP’s interest is that their next race is in Jericho. Best avoid any trumpet attachments on the exhaust. Yeah, that’s right, trumpet attachments on the exhaust. Biblical humour.

Check out their Facebook page here. Apparently there’s a film in the works, which doesn’t entirely surprise us. After the success of Senna, there will doubtless be hundreds.




New media, old problems – We at Badger are supposed to love new media. And we do. Although, that said, POP probably loves it slightly less than all the other Badgers. (For saying that POP will presumably be taken out to the back of the Sett and shot. Or whacked in the face with a spade).

The new joiners are David Couthard and Kamui Kobayashi. We’ve learnt so far that DC doesn’t understand the difference between there, their and they’re and also likes to be a bit smutty. We’ve also discovered (well, this is more of a personal discovery) that watching The Last Samurai doesn’t mean you can read Japanese.

Now all we have to do is get them to a Badger event.


New cars – There’s very little more exciting than looking at a newly crafted F1 car. Quite often a thing of beauty, they nearly always look sleek, smooth and slick. Or not, as it transpires.

In case you missed the varying degrees of ugly sisterdom going on in the F1 world (we think Cinderella has to be the McLaren at the moment), make sure to check out all of the new cars here.


It’s like a drug. Someone. Anyone. INTERVENE – We don’t want to tell you any more about the Ecclestones, but it’s too hard not to.

Not only did Tamara manage to attend some event or another wearing possibly the worst garment ever designed (well, it’s not to POP’s taste anyway), but she also must have someone from the Daily Mail on her tail at all times. About half their content seems to be her in some form or another.

Anyway, have a gander. It really is an awful dress.


More of this? Really? – It turns out there’s further to go in the Adrian Sutil on trial saga. Essentially, he’s appealing. And he’s also launched an appeal against his conviction. Ha! See what we did there?

Anyway, this means we’re going to get more of the “Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Sutil hate each other” schtick. Why can’t everyone just be friends?