Podium or Pits is on a mission this week: to get everyone involved!  Off-season?  What off-season?

Super-podium for Vettel! Courtesy of Red Bull.com

PODIUM.  Sebastian Vettel –

A minor story of the week, this one, but POP feels it’s potentially of interest to some die-hard fans … the winning of the drivers’ world championship by Sebastian Vettel.  So POP has decided to compile a handy list entitled ‘These are a few of my favourite things … about Sebastian Vettel’:

  1. His favourite film is Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’.  POP whole-heartedly agrees; the ending of ‘The Holy Grail’ left much to be desired.
  2. He’s the youngest ever world champion.  Boy Wonder indeed.
  3. He names his cars:  Kate, Kate’s Dirty Sister, Luscious Liz.
  4. July 1987 is the best month to be born in, fact.
  5. He cried when he won the world championship; Alonso started threatening Petrov when he lost.

Feel free to add to the list, or alternatively start your own ‘disappreciation’ list if you’re a Webber/Ferrari fan!

PITS.  Richard Branson –

It’s always good to see that even billionaires have a sense of humour.  After last Sunday’s race at Abu Dhabi, Richard Branson officially lost his bet with Tony Fernandes that his team, Virgin Racing, could beat Tony’s, Lotus.  And the forfeit?  Luckily both men also own airlines, so as the loser Branson has to dress up as a female stewardess on an Air Asia flight.

Never one to shy away from a PR stunt, POP feels that Branson is likely to revel in this role and embrace the humiliation.  Click here to watch Branson announce his ill-fated challenge!

PODIUM.  Top Gear –

Having attended the recent Top Gear Live event in London’s Earl’s Court, POP can safely say that Top Gear are definitely doing something right with their live events.  Read the review here.  And now there’s going to be a Top Gear festival!  It is, however, in Dublin.  The event is 26-28 November, so Ireland is probably still going to be standing by then.

The best news?  LG are giving away tickets.  Click here for more information and the chance to enter (like the page on Facebook, and click on the ‘free stuff’ tab).

PODIUM.  Red Bull workers –

“Thanks for the new kitchen” said one happy, but worryingly domestic, Red Bull employee.  Each and every member of staff (roughly 550 people) is being paid a £10,000 ‘winning bonus’ for helping the team to double world championship glory this season.  Hear that?  It’s the sound of thousands of CVs falling through the letterbox of Red Bull HQ.

PITS.  Ferrari –

Normally when a team lose the world championship it’s merely a bummer for them, and the fans too of course.  Not so with Ferrari.  Such is its status as an Italian national treasure that politicians, yes, real official politicians, are calling for heads to roll at the team after Sunday’s tactical ‘error’ which saw Alonso languish down the field for most of the race (and lose the world championship).

Whose head?  Luca di Montezemolo’s!  This is the man who survived, and won, a showdown with no less than Max Mosley (former FIA dictator president).  Here’s how the furore unfolded…

Exhibit A: Italians really are hot-headed

‘We are ashamed of this insane strategy and Di Montezemolo is guilty. He should get out of Maranello immediately so he does no further harm to Ferrari. By the evening, we expect his resignation.’ – Italian cabinet minister, Roberto Calderoni
Exhibit B: a CLASSIC Montezemolo come-back.  Ouch
‘When the statesman Calderoli has achieved in his life one per cent of what Ferrari has done for this country in terms of industry and sports, then he’ll deserve an answer.’
Stay tuned as this hilarious story develops (POP’s prediction: a resignation from Calderoni).

PODIUM.  Chatting with Jenson –

Got a burning question for McLaren driver Jenson Button?  What is his favourite biscuit?  Where does he keep his trophies?  What does he really think of Lewis Hamilton?  POP was lucky enough to ask Jenson a few (slightly more serious) questions this summer, and now you can too … via the magic medium of internet!

Johnnie Walker have organised a Q&A with last year’s world champion who will be answering questions submitted by us F1 fans, ace.  Click here to take part!