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Here’s a man who knows how to live – Stirling Moss, he’s got it pretty good. Yeah, he fell down a lift and broke various parts of his lower body a couple of years ago, but he’s still in fine fettle. This is demostrated amply by a rather terrifying interview in POP’s most useful paper, The Daily Mail. Some choice quotes include:

On sex: “One has to have fun. The same goes for sex — that is still extremely important to me. I haven’t got quite the same appetite that I once had. But it is part of the joy of living.

On booze: “I was teetotal until I was 32. Then I married my second wife (Susie, his current wife, is number three) and she’d say: ‘Come and relax and have a drink.’ I thought: ‘This isn’t bad!’ Now I drink about half a bottle of Chardonnay a day.”

On the “lack” of facial injuries: “My face was never damaged that much from car crashes, although my eye fell out when I had the terrible crash that left me in a coma for a month in 1962. I think they popped it back there and then. I hope they washed it first



This is actually genuinely distasteful – Usually when the Daily Mail calls something “controversial”, it generally means that they’re covering something fun and being prissy about it.

However, in this case, we actually agree with them. It’s an odd feeling and one POP isn’t keen to ever, ever repeat.

Basically, Tamara Ecclestone (we’re sorry too) has been photographed as if she were living the life of someone with considerably less means than her. Have a look at the photos. They’re not offensive but, rather, just a bit sad.


What’s Jenson been up to?Oooh, look, there he is!


Well, that didn’t end so wellJarno Trulli has revealed that he was offered a Ferrari drive during his time at Toyota.

If true, it would seem quite strange that he never took up their offer. Driving for Ferrari would be a dream for most F1 drivers (especially if, as Trulli is, they happen to be Italian), so does this go down as a career mistake? Or do we like him more for not breaking a contract? Or do we think he was earning so much money at Toyota he had no desire to move?


This writer’s favourite moment of the week – Badger’s esteemed editor and deputy editor, Adam Milleneuve and Craig Normansell, have been off covering testing in Barcelona this week. While there, they had the pleasure of meeting Will Buxton, who obviously enjoyed meeting them.