Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One which, this week, has been rather delayed. However, with olives in a bowl and fish fingers in the oven, it’s time to turn to all matters F1.


Kimi Raikkonen – How does he feel about this sponsor appearance? – To all those of you who don’t watch Top Gear, or who catch it only occasionally, make sure to tune in next Sunday to see everyone’s favourite surly Finn drive a lap of the Top Gear test track.  See, it says so here.

This news is on the podium because you can also win tickets to the recording of this episode and meet Kimi (cannot guarantee he’ll talk to you) via the Lotus F1 website here.

credit: LAT/LotusF1 Media


Oh aye – It’s happening again. We all think Bernie’s in the pocket of those members of the world community who enjoy a touch of motorsport along with their diet of political repression. But no! If he’s telling the truth, F1 is going to get paid whatever happens to the Bahrain GP this year.

So the royal family may well end up having paid F1 close to £50 million for the privilege of not having a race this year or last.



Podium? Or Pits? – Renowned F1 website musicrooms.net have been keeping us abreast of the latest goings on in the Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger saga.

Apparently they’re back together. Because of his Dad. POP thinks this sounds a lot like [ed – no, not so much of that. Let’s try…] nonsense.


It doesn’t sound like this is a good story for anybody – We brought you the news a while back that former F1 driver JJ Lehto was in some serious trouble involving a) the death of a friend of his, b) a speedboat and c) Lehto’s alleged driving of said speedboat.

Well, now we hear there’s some more news (via www.motorauthority.com), the salient details of which are:

Following the [guilty] verdict, and as expected, Lehto’s attorney prepared to filed an appeal on his client’s behalf.

The outcome of that appeal, however, wasn’t what Lehto or his attorney had hoped for. As Global Motorsport Media (subscription required), via Swiss magazine Blick, reports, Lehto’s attorney appeared in court as expected to file the appeal paperwork.

The attorney himself was then arrested and charged with money laundering, on a presumably unrelated case. It’s unclear where that leaves Lehto, who will likely have to find a new attorney before he can begin the appeals process anew.


Oh god, we’re one short – here, look at this cracking article about Rubens Barichello and IndyCar.