Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including an Australian opinion, another Bernie “brainstorm”, a car named Sebastian, managed chaos and a Red Bull opportunity.



An Australian opinion – We at Badger are interested folk. Interested in biting cows, building underground lairs and digging for small grubs. However,what we also like is to hear opinions from other parts of the world, especially about their relationship with one Bernard Charles Ecclestone esquire.

So, when we unearthed an article from the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia about the their Grand Prix, we had to have a little gander. You should be glad we did, because it’s bloody interesting. Give it a look here.

Our best bit is:

Ecclestone can argue cold, hard business. He has said that it would be unjust for him to back Australia ahead of better options.

By that he means financially better options – not necessarily for the broader reach of F1 racing.



More Bernie – From artificial rain to short cuts, Bernie’s had a few strange ideas in his time. Now he’s back with something that sounds more reasonable on the surface, but doesn’t strike us as any good. At all. Ever.

He wants new teams to the sport to be able to run a car from the previous year, designed and built by a main constructor. While this sounds like a simple idea, has he thought about the fact that the car might turn out to be better than some of the established midfield runners? Then what do you do? Slow it down artificially in comparison to the other cars?

All this distracts from the fact that F1 is meant to be hard. If it’s the pinnacle of motorsport then it should act like it.

Back to the drawing board.


Well, POP won’t be buying oneGood news for all the Sebastian Vettel fans out there – you can now buy a car with his name attached.

We mentioned it a while back, alongside a rather [not that word, ed] gushing video featuring him, the car and some cones.

Far be it from POP to decry this as a cynical money spinning exercise for all concerned.


It’s all good fun – POP hasn’t seen this yet (tonight, the train home, my eyes – it’s on), but we recommend you watch it to try to understand how Flavio Briatore might have run the Renault F1 team.

So, go on, get yourself over the the iPlayer (probably UK readers only) and have a look.

We think it’s going to be amazing.


Fancy being an intern at Red Bull Racing? – Of course you do.

There are five roles, each in a different section of the business: electronics, marketing, aerodynamics, I.T and procurement. You just need to pass an online test, fill in an application form and attend an interview. Bish, bash, bosh – job done.

POP recommends getting yourself to their website and having a crack.