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Nothing says “thought through” like a comment on The Daily Mail website – F1 drivers are incredibly fortunate. They’ve got a fantastic talent, a wonderful job and earn shedloads of cash.

That said, they do have to put up with a) The Daily Mail publishing photos of them strolling around with their girlfriends (in this case Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button) and b) the ever rational and open-minded people of the lower reaches of the internet giving their opinions. Some samples include:

Convenient that she suddenly wanted to be back in the arms of a millionaire F1 driver just after her xfactor ‘game’ collapses! – Gemma, Bradford

Gemma from Bradford knows what’s going on here. Simon Cowell and US X-Factor have driven the multi-millionairess Nicole Scherzinger back into the arms of Lewis Hamilton. She just can’t cope, so she needs to retreat to the quiet world of the F1 paddock.

She looks desperate as she holds onto his arm………NO man is worth that – Sally, Singapore

Sally’s argument falls down slightly as she fails to specify exactly who it is she’s talking about. And because she’s mental.

I really can’t take to Nicole. She’s very pretty but she just seems to give off a cold, harsh vibe. She looks like she’s there more to be ‘seen’ than to support Lewis – Angelina, Somerset

And to think Angelina, Nicole speaks so highly of you.

No. Just no – Just because you’re famous for running fast/kicking a ball/jumping over something really high doesn’t mean that you’re an automatic fit in the glitzy world of showbusiness.

Indeed, many sportspeople who try to make the transition find it tough – we’re thinking of Steve Redgrave’s incredibly wooden television presence, as well as Amir Khan’s awful joke at some awards show a couple of years ago but, mostly, we just can’t get this monstrosity out of our heads.

It’s through this lens that we viewed news in The Sun (yes, yes, let’s just assume they’re telling the truth) that Lewis Hamilton could be in line to play a part in Ron Howard’s new film, Rush. Quite how they’d fit him in we’re not sure, but there’s always a place for time travel in all good films.


This is quite fun – Someone’s put together a direct comparison of F1 cars driving round Monaco, one from 1986 and one from 2011. Check it out below.


Oh aren’t we just too cute? – PR people. We all know what we assume they’re like, but some of them obviously do know what they’re doing.

In Malaysia the Lotus F1 team handed out ice lollies to all of the media with a “note” from Kimi Raikkonen. This refers back to the original Kimi-eating-ice-cream incident in Malayasia in 2009 (also, see Timo Glock’s reaction).

Look, you can even buy a commemerative t-shirt!


You had to wait for it this week – That’s right, it’s an update on last week’s frankly thrilling story that Tamara Ecclestone’s beau (oh god, did we really just use that word?!) is allegedly a bit of a chancer.

Apparently, she’s standing by her man.

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