Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including Schumacher unleashed, a completely non-story, funky chairs, details on goodwood attendees and what F1 drivers do with their spare time…

Special thanks to Craig Normansell for his top-notch scouting work for this week’s edition. He’s a one man POP machine.


Don’t unzip that much furtherWe were alerted to some slightly odd pictures of the Mercedes drivers through Final Sector’s twitter feed (@FinalSector on Twitter) and we can honestly say that once you’ve seen them, they’re going to be hard to ever forget.

POP doesn’t much like looking at Michael Schumacher normally, let alone when there’s the potential that he’s going to end up sans clothes. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

That said, it’s quite clever. Puma’s advertising agency get the POP seal of approval.

Schumacher unleashed. Through @FinalSector


SHE’S FILLED UP HER CAR. STOP THE FRONT PAGE – Now, we like a good Tamara Ecclestone story as much as the next person, although we do feel the Daily Mail might be scraping the barrel with this one.

Essentially, Tamara filled up her car in a petrol station.

That’s it. The whole story. No more. The end.


We’re reliably informed they’re chairs. Or escape pods – At Badger we like quirky F1-themed paraphernalia, so imagine our delight when we uncovered a website selling these bad boys.

So what if they’re a bit pricey? Money well spent, that’s what we say.


The Festival of Speed is not, as POP was once informed, a drug taking event – POP is from West Sussex – this may have been mentioned before – and is justifiably proud of the international motorsport jamboree present in that magnificant county.

While browsing the website for that august journal, The Chichester Observer, POP was gladdened to see that both Lewis and Jenson will be present at the festival again this year. Click on the link for further details.


You’re an F1 driver at leisure, whatever do you do? – There’s an article on the Sky website detailing what a number of F1 drivers have been up to in their break after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Highlights include Jenson Button doing some nutty fitness stuff, Felipe Massa not trying terribly hard to break the Italian stereotype by buying bread and pasta, Lewis Hamilton jetting off to Manila to lord it over some poor people to do some humanitarian work for UNICEF and Soccer Aid, and Heikki Kovalainen playing golf with (very strangely) Lee Sharpe and Les Ferdinand.

Have a read here for even more details.