Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including little and large with Lewis Hamilton, women in F1, Jenson Button’s rear end, nerves with Sergio Perez and a truly lunatic plan in Azerbaijan…

Special thanks again to Craig Normansell for his top-notch scouting work for this week’s edition. He’s a one man POP machine.


These two won’t be swapping sports any time soon – Lewis Hamilton and Yao Ming; you’ve probably heard of the first, but perhaps not the second. Let Badger enlighten you by revealing that Yao Ming is a 7 ft 6 inch tall retired basketball player.

Now, do you want to see a picture of Lewis Hamilton standing next to him? You do, don’t you? Yes? Ok then, have a click on this. We don’t think we’re overstating it when we say that it’s remarkable.


This was headlined in The Sun as “RACY” – We enjoy new people coming into Formula 1, especially if those people are slightly different.

So we were pleased to see that Susie Wolff, a female DTM driver, was getting the chance to drive a Williams F1 car.

However, it appears that the most salient facts might be that a) she’s 29, which seems to mean she’s never going to have a proper chance to race in F1 and b) her husband is Toto Wolff, who happens to be a Williams director.


This just makes us like him more – he’s so dreamy! – There’s nothing we at Badger like more than a bit of honesty on the part of sportsmen and women. So it was with great delight we read an interview with Jenson Button in which he confesses to being “a bit of an arse” and says that if he “steps out of line” or “gets a bit too big for his boots” then someone close to him will smack him down.

We can think of some other drivers who need something similar.


This seems a bit harsh and, possibly, not true – Apparently Sergio Perez’s father, Antonio, has been banned from attending races due to his nervous behaviour. This including “flitting” around the paddock and, well, not much else.

Banned for flitting. Mental.

Read here for more.


This sounds nuts. We love it. – Azerbaijan is looking to make itself more modern. Perhaps they might look to build a nice new metro system or invest in new roads and affordable housing.


Obviously, what needs to happen is that they should build a) the tallest building in the world, b) 41 artifical islands connected by 150 bridges and c) a Formula 1 race circuit.

According to Ibrahim Ibrahimov, the man driving this particularly bonkers plan, “One million people will live here…It will be Venice, new Venice.”