Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including F1 technology in buses, Tamara’s blackmail woes, Scotland’s F1 challenger, and Bernie and Seb bury their heads in the sand…


Busting a move – POP is a big fan of both buses and F1, so imagine the joy in The Sett when it transpired that there’s a story involving both!

According to The Guardian, Williams developed a fuel saving flywheel but, when F1 regulations changed, they were forced to abandon it. Now, however, Go-Ahead are looking to fit versions to a small number of buses in London. The fuel savings are predicted to be anywhere from 10% to 30%, so well worth doing.

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More blackmail with Tamara – Good grief. Life as Tamara Ecclestone is never dull is it?

One week it’s rolling around in piles of money, the next going to various charity balls and then pressing charges against two men who allegedly tried to blackmail her.

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Scotland’s answer to Formula 1?We really like this story – it’s one of those gravity-powered racing events frequented by racing enthusiasts of every stripe.

There’s something quite romantic about the sight of a grown man coming down a hill in a modified cereal box.


You know when people start burning your picture things aren’t going wellBernie’s said some odd things in his time, not least saying that Bahrain was peaceful and that he knew of no trouble there.

However, now that people have started burning pictures of him he might want to reconsider.

That, and the fact that members of the Force India team dodged some petrol bombs earlier in the week. Either or.



And the award for potentially most blinkered comment of the week goes to – Sebastian Vettel.

Did he really say this? Really?

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