Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including a charity auction, Bernie’s location of the real problem, computer game news, a Force India conspiracy theory and another charity tale.


And who says F1 drivers are greedy? – The Braintree and Witham Times. Let’s just all take a moment to revel in that name. It says market town, old nurses cycling home on ancient bicycles and thatched cottages. Perfect.

Anyway, enough of POP’s imagined nostalgia. This is a story about a chap who’s auctioning a signed Jenson Button racing suit for charity.

Quite a nice reminder that F1 is associated with nice things too.


Oh, so that was the problem – Every POP reader will doubtless be delighted to know that F1’s overlord, one Bernard Ecclestone esq. has, after long deliberation, finally identified what was wrong with the Bahrain Grand Prix. That’s right, one of the slogans used at the circuit.

It’s just not on, you see, to use the slogan “UniF1ed”. Not on at all. God only knows how they thought they’d get away with it. Bernie, ever sharp-eyed for a man of his age, spotted it though – the old hawk. Anyway, it’s not like the head of the circuit, Zayed Alzayani, was wearing a hat with it on throughout the grand prix weekend…


F1 2012 is on its way – No surprise here, and something we already knew. However, now The Independent have written a nice little article about it, which contains news that Codemasters might be lining up three F1 themed games for release this year.

This is known in The Sett as flogging a dead horse.

Find your way to the article here.


It couldn’t be, could it? – With F1, there’s always a conspiracy theory waiting around the corner, ready to smack you in the face with its sheer lunacy.

So it is that we come to the idea that Force India may not have missed second practice in Bahrain because some of their team were caught up in a riot but, rather, that they’re trying to save money because of Vijay Mallya’s money problems.

Given that Bernie was the one hinting at it, you’ll forgive us if we take it with a considerable pinch of salt.


This is nice, if not exactly the greatest commitment anyone has ever made to charity – Just give this a read – it’ll warm your heart at least a degree or two.