Forget your advent calendar count-down til Christmas (but check out Badger’s advent of course), because it’s a mere 100 days until the Bahrain grand prix!  Ace.

Heikki yesterday ignoring doctors orders

PITS.  Heikki Kovalainen –

There aren’t many things which hold Heikki back.  Not even fire.  At this year’s Singapore grand prix Heikki took it upon himself to put out the billowing fire raging in his car.  Check out the video below if you’ve forgotten or missed it!  However, Heikki has been ordered by doctors to take some bed rest (the sort of ‘cure’ they used to dish out to 18th century swooning women).

Heikki was knocked unconscious during a crash in the Race of Champions this week in Germany.  The passenger in the car was in fact his girlfriend, who suffered a small fracture and has also been ordered ‘bed rest’.  POP wishes the bed-ridden couple a speedy recovery!

PITS.  Lewis Hamilton: Man about Town –

Continuing in POP’s near-obsession with F1-related celebrity gossip, Lewis Hamilton has been spotted leaving Nobu with girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger in London.  Wearing a Burtons-esque super-shiny awful grey suit (POP hears EJ already has one on order), he accompanied Nicole out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate her No 1 on the itunes chart with her single ‘Poison’.

Celebrating someone else’s triumph?  Bet Lewis was secretly seething between his mouthfuls of obscenely-priced food.

PODIUM.  F1 Auction for charity!

Money can’t buy you happiness, but money can buy you a lunch date with McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton.  Yum.  With the money going towards research into motor neurone disease, it seems only right that the motor racing world should get involved with fundraising.

Other items include a VIP tour of the McLaren centre, a signed Jenson Button helmet, and some of Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 ‘winning’ overalls.  Click here to bid.

PODIUM.  Christine’s Rankings –

You may have heard of the Castrol Rankings on Autosport’s website, but have you seen that our friends at SidePodcast have done their own (better) version called, wait for it, … Christine’s Rankings!

If you’ve ever wondered who was the best F1 driver for no particular or even scientific reason whatsoever then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s been running all year and POP loves it!  They chose a worthy champion too…

PODIUM.  Kobayashi –

There are many words POP would use to describe Kobayashi and his ‘unique’ driving style: crazy, daring, entertaining, and a bit mental.  But not ‘inspirational’.  If every driver started following Kobayashi’s lead we’d lose half the field by lap 7.  Peter Sauber, Kobayashi’s boss, would tend to disagree:

“Kamui inspires us all within the team … his refreshing, attacking style really puts a smile on your face.”  – whatever floats your boat, Peter.

PODIUM. Johnnie Walker –

The fine whiskey, that is Johnnie Walker, sponsors of the McLaren team are running a new campaign called “Step Inside” where they’ll be producing some unique videos of life behind the scenes at McLaren – what’s even better, to launch the campaign, they’re taking over Hush Bar in London tonight where they’ll have a McLaren F1 car and be offering some tasty Johnnie Walker cocktails – Badger will be there and you can come too, it’s open to all – for more info, see the Facebook Event Page here, Badger will be there too!