Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including good RC F1, bad RC F1, rock and roll Lotus and Apps galore, all without the blemish of an Ecclestone.


POP stalwart Lewis Hamilton had a rough time last year, but seems to be back on the straight and narrow in 2012. He’s even giving a bit back to the poor and visited Manila to see the issues the city has with homeless children.

You can’t say a bad word about that, really. Look out for the UNICEF video during Soccer Aid on May 27th.


We at Badger love a replica F1 car, and these clever chaps have managed to not only make an accurate copy of the Renault R26 – complete with sponsors and everything, but have also managed to turn it into a fully working remote controlled car.

No word on whether it’s going to be mass produced, but we’re already putting away the pennies in the Sett, just in case.


If you can’t wait for that, or don’t have the time to custom make over 1000 pieces for one of your own, you could always buy another remote controlled F1 car.

Just stay away from some of these monstrosities, including a 2007 “Reader”, sponsored by “INF”, and a “Voidance-McLaren-Mea-Bam”.

Surprising just how far from the actual truth some toys will go to get a payday. Be warned!


One of the strangest link-ups we’ve seen ahead of Monaco is Lotus joining forces with rock band Linkin Park. Complete with a supporting app – where you get to race the Lotus F1 car AND mix Linkin Park’s new track “Burn It Down” – the band’s logo will appear on the E20 this weekend.

Things we’ve noticed in this video – Kimi likes iPad games, Linkin Park are very hairy, and putting rock music to Kimi’s return test (and debriefs) doesn’t make it any more interesting.

Nice try though.


There is hope when it comes to F1 and all things App-y. Red Bull have released the Red Bull Racing Spy app, which brings you a bit closer to the champs.

Highlights include updates from the team’s Twitter and Facebook feed, race data from the season so far and generally all the lowdown from the energy drinks company’s pride and joy. And the best thing is, it’s completely free!

Our favourite bit is the Race Graphics, which gives you little tid-bits about upcoming races. Did you know there are over 7,000 species of cacti in Monaco’s Jardin Exotique? Nope, neither did we.


Alas, no Tamara this week. Benson Jammichello takes one week off, and the POP world turns on it’s head.